We Didn't Make The Monster parody

Timeline of artificial intelligence

we didn't make the monster
we were just fine tuning
since the days of turing
we didn't make the monster
no we couldn't master but we fancied power

Principia Mathematica, , El Ajedrecista,
Rossum's Universal Robots first use of the word
Carnap and Wittgenstein philosophy is back again
Lambda Calculus , G?del 's  incompleteness work

Zuse first computer yet, artificial neural net
cybernetics term they coin, game theory is born
futurist "as we may think", von Neumann in a blink
every job you can define the machine can do just fine


Turing test intelligence, Shannon searching moves in chess,
Asimov his three laws draft, Manchester Ferranti draughts,
Samuel prog in IBM, self learning defeat him - damn!
McCarthy gave AI name, things will never be the same.


Newell's group from Carnegie, made the Logic Theorist,
Bertrand Russell beaten by the first AI prog.
McCarthy inventing Lisp, IBM do proof assist
really can computers only do what they were told?

Teddington Conference, Programs with Common Sense
Pandemonium Selfridge, Minsky's Heuristics,
Newell's group is back again, MIT gets AI plan,
Masterman semantic net - machine is able to translate


Solomonoff's Occam's razor, lick say we will think together
computer can integrate calculus with saint

first industrial robot, book Computers and Thought
ANALOGY when key is pressed, solves an IQ test

self changing program, algebra word problem
SIR does Q&A, fuzzy logic by Zadeh

ELIZA talks with Weizenbaum, expert system Feigenbaum
auto proof by Robinson, semantic nets Quillian

Michie does a workshop, language translation drop
Dendral identifies organic molecules

but when man is gone they will still go on (and on and on...)