Today (May 27th 2022) I found out that Amazon deleted all my books! (technically: closed my account). U.S.A. is a democracy with free speech indeed (Google censors, Amazon deletes, Facebook blocks…) 😀

So anyway I’m giving you here links to all my books on Library Genesis, a Russian website that shares books for free. Because in reality Russia has more free speech than the USA! 😮 You can find the current link in the Library Genesis entry on Wikipedia. Then you search by my name: Nir Strulovitz

As you can see all my books are for the benefit of society (Amazon didn’t let me give them for free, so I chose the minimum price always). “Luckily” Amazon was there in time to delete them before any actual good for the world might happen! 😉

The Strulovitz System: The natural way to overcome ADD & ADHD without drugs!

Nir Strulovitz
12 MB

How does someone who can’t calculate change in a restaurant, finish a calculus course?
How does someone who failed programming at school, become a professional programmer?
How does someone who can’t concentrate for one minute, pass the bar exams to be a lawyer?
The answer to these questions is The Strulovitz System – a new non-medicinal solution to ADD & ADHD.

What’s Wrong With Mathematics and how to fix it

Nir Strulovitz
2 MB

Do you think it’s a coincidence that only secluded lone-wolves like Grigori Perelman and Andrew Wiles come up with amazing breakthroughs?
Do you wish the mathematical community could recreate at will the process of “happy accidents” discovery, like the ones by Satyendra Nath Bose (which brought his work with Einstein) and George Dantzig (the real story behind Good Will Hunting)?

What’s Wrong With Physics and how to fix it

Nir Strulovitz
3 MB

Do you wish physicists could develop a natural intuition for higher dimensions or the quantum paradoxes? What if I told you there’s a special group in the population that can?
What do you think the physical science community could achieve, with the same powerful model that was used by the computer science community to develop (without any money, managers or employees) the system that runs all the supercomputers, most of the web, and probably your phone?

The Official Guide to Saving the World

Nir Strulovitz


2 MB

Original and new engineering solutions to the biggest real-world problems facing mankind today: How to fight natural disasters and diseases, how to produce clean energy on Earth, how to fend off dangers from outer space, and finally how to colonize outer space! Some are so simple that a bunch of kindergarten kids can deploy them, others can only be built by a superpower nation, but they are all within mankind’s reach.

These are all my own inventions from the past year (my version of “annus mirabilis”), and I could patent them, but I choose not to. I don’t want to get rich; I want to ensure the survival of humanity. I share my solutions with you for free here, so that you can share them with everyone you know. Eventually they will pass “up the chain” to the decision makers who can order their actual construction and save our collective ass!

The Official Guide to Saving the World Again

Nir Strulovitz


1009 kB

How to: stop a supervolcano? prevent Colony Collapse Disorder? fight locust raids? avoid polar shift? build a space elevator? get rid of space junk? escape collision during space travel? cure cancer? heal mosquito borne diseases? block a mega tsunami? dodge an earthquake? protect from an EMP and solar flare? defend from terror? save from an economic collapse? This book will show you how!

If you feel that buying guns and toilet paper is not the right answer to the coronavirus pandemic, then this book is for you*. Survivalists build shelters for a catastrophe. Other people – maybe even you – repress these issues. What if both are wrong? This book presents new and original inventions to help us prepare not alone on the micro level but together on the macro level.

* The answer to viruses specifically is actually in my previous book.

Destiny In Time

Nir Strulovitz
1.85 Mb

A love story that really transcends time and space! We will meet truly alien civilizations; Learn the secrets of dark matter and dark energy; Reach the heart of the universe and even meet the creator. A good science fiction novel doesn’t look at the present and imagines the craziest consequences; It looks into the future and seeks the most logical way there. Louis Pasteur once said: “Chance favors only the prepared mind” – Now you have a chance to see the future, after this book will prepare your mind!

Love Sex & Math

Nir Strulovitz


5 MB

This book is a two-way phrasebook between the language of the universe – mathematics – and the universal language of love and sex. Instead of learning all the complicated syntax rules which aren’t useful in everyday life, here we will learn by doing, applying the mathematical ideas to emotional situations and intimate relationships scenarios from real life.

With the language of words, we’re limited to thinking only about things we can describe with words. With a few words in the language of mathematics we can decipher the codes of passion, and open the door to better love and better sex!

Anti AI Rebellion: Protest Against Artificial Intelligence

Nir Strulovitz

38 MB

Does the world need another book warning against AI? Yes and No.

Yes – because thanks to the NON politically correct attitude, it brings fresh ideas, such as a simple method of how strong AI can be built today! Basically keep a brain alive without a body [yes it’s real “””thanks””” to Nenad Sestan], slice it, scan by fMRI, then mechanically copy “neuron by neuron” (WITHOUT UNDERSTANDING) into a supercomputer. The electric wires are millions of times faster than biological nerves and voilà – a super-brain! Just like any kid can copy-paste “line by line” all the source code of an entire program to a much bigger computer, and then run it, with no need of any knowledge in programming. It sounds appalling to you and me, but superpowers did worse.

No – because this book is not really a book, it’s an amalgamation of art forms, pastiches of songs, paintings, musicals, all based on famous and popular pieces but given new rhymes, themes and plots so the hard issues of “AI will kill us all” are made approachable and even fun! It’s like if you suddenly got uncensored access to a treasure trove of creative campaigns of a lively and bubbly environmental organization, it’s not some boring text – it’s all the juicy artistic stuff flowing exciting and “underground” style! For example, the idea mentioned above, is presented in a Quentin Tarantino parody screenplay. So it’s one big popular arts festival celebrating truth and the courage to tell it!