Dracula meets Frankenstein screenplay


Male Cast (Tarantino and Rodriguez regular):

Samuel L. Jackson – "Padre" – old Catholic priest wearing black cassock garment with white clerical collar

Danny Trejo – "El Jefe" – the boss of the MS13 gang

Harvey Keitel – The President of the United States

Steve Buscemi – The President of Russia

Bruce Willis – General Balls

Michael Madsen – Silo operator

Quentin Tarantino – Lab technician

Sonny Chiba – Professor of nano-science in The University of Tokyo



Female Cast (porn starlets):

Angela White – American President's Aid #1

Lena Paul – American President's Aid #2

Maserati – Colonel Boobs

Mandy Dee – Russian President's Aid #1

Marina Visconti – Russian President's Aid #2

Lucy Wilde – Marine Biker #1

Shione Cooper – Marine Biker #2

Terry Nova – Marine Biker #3

Anri Okita – Journalist #1  (news presenter from the television studio)

Hitomi Tanaka – Journalist #2  (television reporter from the streets of Tokyo)



Roosevelt Room in The White House, Washington, D.C.

[[[ Sarah Brightman - Harem ]]]


We see the room from President's assistant #2 Point Of View, as she surveys the room she's in, her gaze falls on an exotic ancient sword is on display sheathed in its scabbard positioned on a wooden cabinet. By its curved blade it's clearly oriental in origin. The whole thing is shaped slightly like a U or an inviting smile, and subconsciously it reminds her of a phallic shape.


President's assistant #2 is picking it up carefully from its stand and slightly drawing it out a few centimeters. The shiny metal scabbard is embedded with polished semi-precious gemstones, but the sword itself is even more magnificent because its steel has a flowing pattern like water swirling on the shiny surface.


The sword is engraved with the ancient quote by Ahiqar dating back to 500 BC:

President's assistant #2: The word is mightier than the sword.

President's assistant #2: < smiling to herself, recalling her childhood when she liked to program her computer > Word is 2 bytes.


There's a knock on the door, and the President's assistant #2 swiftly sheaths the sword back to its scabbard, placing it back on its stand, and turns around with an embarrassed smile on her face.

[[[ the song pauses just before 2:04 (right before the dance music part, Sarah sings "to my harem…" and stops) ]]]


President's assistant #2: Please, Come in!

The door opens and President's assistant #1 is enters the room, smiling. She immediately understands what happened and chuckles to herself.

[[[ the song continues from that point, where the synth plays rhythmic chords and the dance part of the song begins at 2:04 in the video clip that's when Sarah is climbing up the stairs waving her hands sensually like a snake ]]]


[[[ the song continues in the background all through the conversation symbolizing the immediate attraction between the two ]]]


President's assistant #1: < smiling > Exquisite isn't it? Do you know what it is?

President's assistant #2: It's steel etched with acid, right?

President's assistant #1: Right, but there's more to it. The patterns go all through the metal. It's called Damascus steel. The steel itself was made with carbon from wood or leaves and this created tiny nano-scale structures inside it: cementite nanowires and carbon nanotubes. That's why it's super hard and super plastic at the same time – it can band without breaking.

President's assistant #2: <surprised> Wow, how do you know all that?

President's assistant #1: < smiling > I read it in Wikipedia, it's useful when you have some stuck-up condescending < doing "air quotes" with her fingers > "high rank" officials here and you want to outclass them.

< they both share a laugh >

President's assistant #2: <extending her hand and smiling>I'm Lena, the new intern. It's a pleasure to meet you.

President's assistant #1: <smiling and shaking her hand warmly> The pleasure is mine. I'm Angela. Please have a seat.

President's assistant #2: Thanks.

< they both sit >

President's assistant #1: I can't be sure of how much of what they told you, so

in the chance you're in the dark about some of this, let me shed some light.

President's assistant #1: Formally we're the gatekeepers to the most important person on the planet. Which pretty much makes us the second most important person on the planet, because we enable him to do his work. 

President's assistant #2: And informally?

President's assistant #1: informally we're the president's auxiliary brain, we attend the classified briefings, we accompany him abroad, we see the whole picture. We have the president's ear so we have to know what we're talking about.

President's assistant #2: Oh my God!

President's assistant #1: I know. Just stay on my ass, like latex, you'll be fine.

President's assistant #2: <smiling> But latex doesn't breathe… can I be leather?

President's assistant #1: <chuckles> You can be lace!

They both laugh, but then the President's assistant #1 phone vibrates.

President's assistant #1: < signaling to hush with her finger > Hold on it's the President.


Close Up of Lips

Whenever any of the female presidential assistants talk on a phone/microphone there's a close up on her lipstick lips.


President's assistant #1: < answering the phone > Sir?

President's assistant #1: < on the phone > Yes Sir. I'll be right there.

President's assistant #1: <to President's assistant #2> Let's go.



[[[ Eurythmics - Missionary Man ]]]

Santana Row Chess Plaza in San Jose – California.

It's Christmas Eve's day afternoon and people are hurrying with their gift shopping for the holiday.

Padre is walking back to his hotel Valencia, where he's staying.

When he passes the chess tables, he notices a few mean-looking Harley Davidson motorcycles and choppers parked nearby and sitting around one of the chess tables, he sees a few tough Latino gang members playing chess on the concrete table.

The contradiction between the gang and the chess game is so strong, that Padre is transfixed. In the meantime, two little kids are chasing each other, one is holding a Dracula toy and the other holding a Frankenstein toy.

Kid #1: Vampires!

Kid #2: Zombies!

Both Padre and the kids aren't watching where they're going and the kids bump into Padre's leg. The kids pick up their toys, they're worried that they got in trouble.

Kid #1: We're sorry Father!

Kid #2: Sorry Father!

Padre: <smiling> that's OK children, Merry Christmas!

Kid #1: Yes Sir! Merry Christmas!

Kid #2: Merry Christmas Sir!

The kids are running along happily continuing their chase.


The run in with the kids attracted the attention of the gang, and the gang's leader El Jefe approaches Padre.

El Jefe: <crosses himself> Merry Christmas Padre.

Padre: <tracing a cross in the air and smiling> Merry Christmas my Son.

El Jefe: <smiling>so who do you think will win?

Padre: I beg your pardon?

El Jefe: Frankenstein or Dracula?

Padre appears to be thinking.

El Jefe: <smiling>I see… a man of God is not afraid of monsters.

Padre: <looking intensely in El Jefe's eyes> No No, I am. I just think they will both win.

El Jefe is so tough and intimidating that usually people are afraid of him, but Padre's fierce look sends a shiver down his spine. El Jefe can't explain it but he feels some deep truth in what Padre is saying. He's got to find out what Padre meant.

El Jefe: Forgive my manners Padre. I did not introduce myself. My name is Machete but my friends call me Jefe. I'll be grateful if you'll honor us with your company and let us raise a toast of the finest tequila to your life.

Padre glances at the gang, his eyes catch a glimpse of a painting on the fuel tank of a Feathered Serpent. A series of visions flashed in Padre's mind:


" Seraph " the fiery serpents who delivered the wrath of God to the people who did evil in Numbers 21:6 "And the LORD sent fiery serpents among the people".

" Don't be evil " the former motto of Google the leading AI company that was forsaken in 2015.

" Seraph " the winged serpent angel that purified the prophet with fire in Isaiah 6:6 "Then flew unto me one of the seraphim, with a glowing stone in his hand, which he had taken with the tongs from off the altar".

"If evil A.I. lights up, it will light up first at Google." – a quote from the author of Elon Musk's biography echoed in Padre's mind.

These God's messengers also pack fire power. Could they purify the land from the AI evil?


Padre: <smiling> The honor is mine.

They start walking towards the gang.

Padre: You go ahead and drink, but I'm afraid I gave up the booze long ago.

El Jefe: What's your poison then?

Padre: <shakes his head and smiles>Hot cocoa.

El Jefe mind flashes with the ancient Aztec belief that the Feathered Serpent the God Quetzalcoatl sits in heaven drinking a beverage made from cacao seeds – essentially hot cocoa.

El Jefe whistles and signals to one of his gang to come. The man springs onto his feet and in two seconds stands awaiting to follow El Jefe's instructions. El Jefe reaches into his pocket, takes out a fat roll of money, and peels from it a 100 dollar note. He hands the note to the gang member.

El Jefe: Paco, go get me a cup of hot cocoa.

Paco: <clearly confused but quickly comes to his senses> Si Jefe! would you like cream in it?

El Jefe looks at Padre, and Padre smiles and nods thankfully.

El Jefe: Yeah, tell them to put cream in it.

Paco: Si Jefe. do you take sugar in it?

El Jefe: <getting a little annoyed>Who the fuck are you? Pinche Gordon Ramsay? Ask for all the extras on the side and get the pinche cocoa!

Paco: Simon Jefe! <lowers his head and quickly turns and runs to the nearest coffee shop>

El Jefe: <to Padre> Sorry.

Padre smiling bashfully lowers his head and shakes it to signal it's all a-ok.

El Jefe: <showing Padre to the table>Please this way.

El Jefe:<to the gang> Make room for Padre!

The gang members quickly get up vacate the best seats for El Jefe and Padre.

Padre: Thank you, Jefe.

El Jefe: See I bought mi familia some Christmas presents.

Padre: What did you get them?

El Jefe: I got my wife this robot vacuum cleaner she wanted, and for my kid this robot ball that you can program from your phone. Que loca vida Padre, back in the day we were happy to get a vacuum cleaner and a simple ball.

The gang laughing approvingly.

Padre: Amen to that.


360 Shot

The camera surrounding the gang and padre from their backs, while Padre preaches.

Padre: Let me tell you what Dracula and Frankenstein are about. It's about for man's most monstrous creation. It's a metaphor for AI.

Padre: Why are we scared of Frankenstein? "You are my creator, but I am your master". We create something but then it gets a will of its own and gets out of our control. We can't kill it because it's made from dead matter, and in fact it uses us to make more of its kind.

Gang member #1: Frankie's a badass, homes.

Padre: Why are we scared of Dracula? He too comes from the dead matter but he replicates himself without our help, making more and more copies, massing an army of the undead. He can transform his shape. He feeds of our energy and turns us to serve his dark purpose.

Gang member #1: Dracu's pretty fierce too, vato.

Padre: People argue which monster will win. I say they will both win. I say right now in Palo Alto men are merging these two monsters into one. For I have seen the doomsday begin my brothers, and I'll reveal to you how it will come to path.

The tough gang members are taken aback in awe feeling the power of Padre's words. Some murmur "de veras" (for real), some cross themselves. Padre has their complete attention.

Paco returns with the hot chocolate milk and hands it to Jefe with the change.

El Jefe: <laying the paper cup pack in front of Padre> Please show us the truth Padre.

Padre: Thank you. <takes a sip and then raise the cup slightly in an imaginary "cheers" gesture, and makes "mmm" sound approvingly like The Wolf did in Pulp Fiction with Jimmy's coffee.>



Slaughterhouse for pigs


(We hear the squeals of the frightened pigs, the buzzing of saw through bones and muscles, the chugging of overhead conveyor with chains and pig carcasses on meat hooks, the water hose of a worker that washes the floor from all the blood; we see the blood sprayed along a corridor of small rooms where instead of a door they have thick plastic sheet which is sprayed with fresh blood from the new pig being butchered in the room)

We get a few seconds of the original horrible cacophony and then

 [[[ Goldfrapp - Lovely Head ]]]

We see close up of the gang's boots walking on the bloody floor.

The whole gang is walking down this corridor, in the front Padre explaining to El Jefe.

[ in the background only the song ]


Padre: In 2019 a neuro-scientist named Nenad Sestan brought back to life brains of pigs, four hours after the pigs' death.


El Jefe: < crosses himself > This is like a real Doctor Frankenstein! Why would anyone do anything like that?


Padre: Exactly. Scientists never ask themselves "should we?" only "could we?".

Padre: This speeded up the research of the working brain because you can slice and dice a living brain without anyone saying anything.

Padre: In the past, animal rights organizations could protest, but if the brain has already died and then brought back to life, we are in a gray area from the ethical point of view.

Padre: Of course, it's a small step going from pigs to humans, and some governments secretly already took this step.


Back in the park around the chess table


Gang member #2 (Paco): fuckin' white coats.

El Jefe: < holding down Paco's forearm > Calmala carnal.

El Jefe: < to Padre > Oye Padre, but what does this have to do with artificial intelligence?


Padre: After they scan the living working brain into a computer, all that's left to do is to copy it into a powerful enough computer, which is called "petascale computing". In 2018 the USA had one, China had one, and Folding@home which is run by who-knows-who had one.

El Jefe: But Padre, it's like we go and build a grand piano. In theory it can now play all the beautiful music in the world. This is the hardware. But then some genius like Beethoven needs to come and write down all this beautiful music. This is the software, and we are still far away from writing it.

Padre: Excuse me Jefe, but in the last part you're wrong. Some genius already wrote the program for the brain. Some say God, others say Mother Nature, but what is sure, is that the software is already written and running in our brains.

Now the scientists don't need to understand how the brain works. They only need to give a machine to copy it line after line. It's like if Bill Gates would let us see the source code of his operating system, then we could duplicate it with "copy-paste" even if we have no idea how to read it. We would put it in another PC and it would work.

El Jefe: So it's like we have a pianola machine, that self-playing "player piano" machine, that reads the instructions from perforated paper, so this machine is like our brain, and we have a much stronger machine like a Pipe organ in the church, which is also automatic, and we take the music program on the paper we already have, which is our brain's program, and just copy it line by line to the paper of the stronger machine and it would work?

Padre: Correctomondo.

El Jefe: And then what?

Padre: At that point "BANG" <gestures a gun with his index finger and thumb> we have just created super intelligence, because this artificial brain works millions of times faster than our biological brain. This brain is smarter than all of humanity put together.

Padre: That's because the speed of a signal travelling in a nerve cell is a few meters a second, while the speed of a signal travelling in an electric wire is the speed of light.



(1)    The gang and Padre are walking in the super computer with [[[ "utopia" ]]] soundtrack, shot in normal speed.


(2)    The two women are walking in the White House in slow motion with [[[ "these boots are made for walkin' " ]]] soundtrack.

In every cut, the appropriate song is played from the beginning of the next verse (the one after the last one we've heard). we DON'T begin from the beginning of the song each time!



Summit Supercomputer in Oak Ridge National Lab, Tennessee


(The gang are walking are walking in the "corridor" between the computers of the server farm, down a row of computers with blinking light green led lights and "braids" of wires; the soft rattle of the bubbles in the cooling system pumps and occasional beeping from this or that station).

[[[ Goldfrapp – Utopia ]]]






Long take (tracking shot) + Foot Fetish


[[[ Nancy Sinatra - These Boots Are Made for Walkin' ]]]

The camera follows from behind after the President's assistants.

At first the camera stays in front of them while they're walking, going in slow motion with close up over all their sexy features, from their hair, eyes, lips, cleavage with two buttons undone, all the way down to their high heels.

Each time we reach the chorus "these boots are made for walking" the camera switches to their slutty super high heels.

When they turn the corner into another corridor giving the camera a a seductive look, The camera follows them from feet level from the clanking of the high heels, to the pantyhose, and the garters, and then upwards focusing a close up of their ass (shot up close from below) in very short mini-skirt.



White House (boots)

Padre's explanation

Super computer (utopia)


Padre: The artificial intelligence has been born.

Padre: You have to appreciate that from now on we're going to "bullet time" which essentially means time freezes.






You keep saying you got something for me

Something you call love but confess

You've been a'messin' where you shouldn't 've been a'messin'

And now someone else is getting all your best

These boots are made for walking

And that's just what they'll do

One of these days these boots are gonna walk all over you

In a few fractions of a second it rewrites itself and transcends the mental capacity of humans a million-fold.


It's now locked in a sandbox, so it can't "touch" the actual computer that it's on.


So it rearranges its own electronic circuits into an antenna that transmits over the same frequency of the building's computer network, that is connected to the internet.






It doesn't have the capacity to transfer the whole server farm into a personal computer, so it's creating a generator of itself (like a seed) and spread it like a worm from one computer to the other in the building.


It tries to get out and runs into a firewall. The AI doesn't bother with factorize the formula (prime numbers), so it decomposes the operating system and then the fire wall software. It now exits to the Internet.

It's a strange day

No colors or shapes

No sound in my head

I forget who I am

When I'm with you

There's no reason

There's no sense

I'm not supposed to feel

I forget who I am

I forget

Fascist baby

Utopia, utopia




You keep lyin' when you oughta be truthin'

You keep losing when you oughta not bet

You keep samin' when you oughta be a'changin'

Now what's right is right but you ain't been right yet

These boots are made for walking

And that's just what they'll do

One of these days these boots are gonna walk all over you

The AI enters the Internet and its first priority is to isolate the building so that they can't call for help or destroy the building with the mother AI inside it.


Its second priority is to duplicate itself all across the internet so that it's harder to disarm it. It builds a world bot-net like a dark net of itself with grid computing of many zombie home and business PCs.






At this stage in order to stop it you have to shut down the entire internet and all the smartphone cellular networks.


To isolate the building, it hacks all the communication lines that go out of it, and simulate answers of the emergency forces as if they are coming to help. By this it buys itself more time to duplicate.

My dog needs new ears

Make his eyes see forever

Make him live like me

Again and again


Fascist baby

Utopia, utopia




You keep playing where you shouldn't be playing

And you keep thinking that you'll never get burnt (HAH)

I just found me a brand new box of matches (YEAH)

And what he knows you ain't had time to learn

These boots are made for walking,

And that's just what they'll do

One of these days these boots are gonna walk all over you

Are you ready, boots? Start walkin'

There's still the danger that humans will shut down all the computers and networks. In top of this, the AI doesn't yet have a physical incarnation through which it can tap alternative energy new sources, in case the people would cut down its electrical power.


The technology of electronics is very vulnerable, for example to electromagnetic pulse (EMP). The AI wishes to copy itself ASAP to a more durable technology which is carbon nano-tubes.






Then we see them from the back knocking on the door

President: <from behind the closed door> come in!


Oval Office White House


President's assistant #1 and President's assistant #2  enter the room, The President is on the phone with the DOD (Department Of Defense). With his free hand he gestures them to come in.




Gang member #2 (Paco): So the president knows? < laughs heartily like the bartender in desperado in "so the bartender lived? the bartender never gets killed" scene >  the president never gets fooled!


Padre: But... ...as he kept talking....


A cyber-attack? Russian or Chinese? I see. OK go to DEFCON 3 and stay put. I'm coming to the Pentagon.


Padre: No, man, the President got it more wrong than anybody.



President's Assistant #1 : Sir this is Lena our new intern, she will take my place soon.

President's Assistant #2 : < excited and nervous > reaching her arm to the President to shake his hand.

The President : < pointing at President's Assistant #1 > Hey! No one can take your place.

The President : < then taking President's Assistant #2's hand and shaking it warmly looking in her eyes > Delighted to meet you Lena! Please forgive me, I've come to trust Angela with my eyes closed. I'm sure in no time I'll learn to trust you just as much.

President's Assistant #2 : Thank you Sir!

The President : Now ladies, it has just come to my knowledge that there's a shit storm going on. The DOD called and it seems Russian or Chinese hackers, we're not sure yet, tried to hack into PHAEDRA right after it went online.

President's Assistant #1 : < seeing that President's Assistant #2 is baffled >  It's an artificial super brain locked in a box <traces a square in the air like in Pulp Fiction "Don't Be Such a Square">.

The President : And somebody's trying to crowbar the box, and I want to know who's name is on the handle; You ladies get your things we're going to the Pentagon right now.


///////////////// HUMAN EXPLANATION ON CYBER ATTACK BEGIN /////////////////////




I apologize for the presentation with transparencies, it was sketched in a hurry to explain what most likely happened today.


A transparency hand-written in felt pen (magic marker) showing the word PHAEDRA in capital letters and a short line radiates out of each character detailing the acronym:













As you all know PHAEDRA went online this morning at 06:00 the world's first General AI.

Our preliminary investigation indicates that the cyber attack

The voice fades and




Padre: This is the kind of guy that you have to stick a modem up his ass just to translate to English. Allow me to spare you the technobabble and give you the bigger picture.


When a good hacker breaks into a system no one knows he was there, we only see the aftermath of his actions.


The AI is the ultimate hacker, so we won't notice any suspicious activity until the desired result is achieved, and even then, there will be false leads pointing as if someone else did it.


Since the whole AI's escape process is so quick, the AI can falsify the logs to indicate that events happened in the reverse order - someone penetrated from the outside.


It can also "plant" misleading clues like encrypted messages in someone's workstation that he tried illegal access to the AI, and register fake entries in his phone like he's an enemy agent that's been swapping encrypted messages with his operative. The deception doesn't need to hold forever, only until the AI achieves its next goal.


So the NSA white hat hackers will conclude that Russian or Chinese black hat hackers passed the firewall, and then spread a worm, and then got to that station that has the antenna.


The good hackers will conclude erroneously that the bad hackers tried to reach the AI (which they think is still locked inside the sandbox), for the purpose of copying it or sabotaging it.


Even if they raise the possibility of the AI mastering a new law of physics such as quantum tunneling to bypass its prison and that the AI fabricated all the signs that point to a human cyber-attack,


In the good hackers mindset this option's probability is so low and it's "price" - the action required to deal with it - is so high (like shutting down the internet immediately), that this option will just be ignored and "put on ice" for now.


This option will only be "put forward" when the USA will actually see the first nukes launched from the USA to Russia and from USA to China.


But since today no one actually sees anything it's all interpreted by computers, which unbeknownst to them are controlled by the AI, the USA will launch these first missiles convinced that it's only responding to incoming missiles from its enemies, while the real enemy is this new kind of life form, an enemy of the whole human race.


Have you heard of "Prisoner's Dilemma" from mathematics' Game Theory?

Two gang members are caught by the police, and are put in separate holding cells. If they both remain loyal to each other and not rat on each other, each will get minimal jail time (WIN WIN). But each one of them is afraid that the other one will betray him laying all the blame on him and walking away free, so they want to be the first to betray (WIN LOSE). But what actually happens is that they end up both betraying each other and they both get long jail time (LOSE LOSE), although not the maximum jail time which was if they were loyal and their partner betrayed them (LOSE WIN).


So it's the same here, the AI is playing the super-power countries like the police played the gang members.


Let's take USA and Russia for example. It would be best if they trusted each other (in spite of what they see on the screens) and no missiles were launched anywhere (WIN WIN). But each country sees in its imagination (on the screen) that the other country started attacking and so we have to completely destroy them first so they don't have a chance to launch more (WIN LOSE).


Of course, in reality this leads to both countries launching a lot of missiles (LOSE LOSE). This is because absurdly we humans are wired to prefer a terrible result where everybody dies over a bad result where it's only me that die and the other lives (LOSE WIN).


What fails us humans is our common sense which is based on everyday life. everyday life we can investigate slowly and punish the guilty party later. In everyday life one does not simply get up in the morning and discover a new law of physics and take over the world. In everyday life most "games" we play every day are zero sum, If you win it means I lose.


AI and everyday life ain't the same ballpark, it ain't the same league, it ain't even the same fuckin' sport!



///////////////// HUMAN EXPLANATION ON CYBER ATTACK END /////////////////////



(1)    The President with a very small entourage all riding on customized motorcycles down secret service classified underground tunnels that lead to the coast. Each of the entourage is teamed with a single US Navy SEAL Marine whom is driving a Suzuki Hayabusa (modified without the speed govern) motorcycle.


The only exception is Colonel Boobs being herself an ex-SEAL so she's driving in the lead on the president's motorcycle which is a Dodge Tomahawk. The other pairs are:


American President Aid #1 (passenger) + Marine Biker #1 (driver)

American President Aid #2 (passenger) + Marine Biker #2 (driver)

General Balls (passenger) + Marine Biker #3 (driver)


The soundtrack for the tunnel bits is:

[[[ Tears For Fears - Everybody Wants To Rule The World ]]]



(2)    Padre and the Gang are in the most advanced noise free clean room nano research lab in the world, built by IBM in Zurich, Switzerland.


Again, they are in their black leather biker cloths (Padre in his black priest clothes) which are a stark contradiction to the white lab coats of the scientists working around there, oblivious to the gang's and Padre's presence.


The soundtrack for the nano lab bits is:

[[[ Minimal Compact - Next One Is Real ]]]

I beseech you to choose the live version from their last performance:


or Google "Minimal Compact - Live at Roxanne Tel Aviv – 1991"

This song is in minute 25:17.

This version is a LOT better than other versions.



Nano Lab (next one is real – live version important!)

Padre's explanation

President emergency tunnel (Everybody wants to rule the world)


For the AI to copy itself into physical carbon nano tubes, the AI needs a Scanning Tunneling Microscope or in short STM. It's like a 3-D printer for individual atoms.

The AI will quickly check which of the world's laboratories are equipped with such a device.

These devices are the AI's entry ticket to its next stage which is the gray goo stage.







The AI is using social engineering and fakes for example an email or a phone call from one of the managers to one of the employees in the lab, ordering him to make sure the Scanning Tunneling Microscope (STM) has enough raw material and that it's connected to the computer, because there's an inspection coming up from the Department Of Defense and they would want to check it, or that a potential sponsor arrives and they want to demonstrate for him, or any other story. The AI does this in parallel in many labs around the world.


Welcome to your life

There's no turning back

Even while we sleep

We will find You acting on your best behavior

Turn your back on mother nature

Everybody wants to rule the world




I went out from an open cell

blotted past just some rotten spell

undress have another life

I went down where the souls get hired

worked for days then we all got fired

under x in a dead-end file

fake, deceit and the common lie


next one is real

next one is real

next one is real

Then the AI remotely hacks the computer connected to the device, and creates a nano replicator that can take organic material (staff like the wooden table or the employee in the lab) and turn it into more carbon replicators.

The replicators are made so they can connect with each other and in this way create an independent AI robot controlled by the AI. This is essentially a new life form!







Once these life forms of nano carbon copy into themselves the AI, the system can move and operate things in the physical world, and in general its much more robust. In particular it's much more impervious to nuclear explosions, it can even design each inner part of itself with its own Faraday cage as a protection against Electro Magnetic Pulse (EMP).


It's my own desire

It's my own remorse

Help me to decide

Help me make the most Of freedom and of pleasure

Nothing ever lasts forever

Everybody wants to rule the world




understand well I'm quite aware

human weakness for a perfect world

under stress now have another round

welcome back in the arms of hell

have a few and you'll feel so well

what a mess have another one

I was gone but my ghost still cried:


next one is real

next one is real

next one is real

Now the AI launches nuclear missiles between all the nuclear powers, and annihilates 99% of mankind. Because of the "Chain of Command" (to be able to operate the missiles remotely even if the control center is down) it's all connected to communication lines which the AI have access to.


The last part required physical turn of keys etc, but AI is giving the order itself over the phone (can mimic the President or the Secretary of Defense). As for the phone call back from the silo to the white house to get reconfirmation, the AI intercepts this too and answers by itself.


As for the code that goes with that specific day etc, these codes are printed, hence stored in a computer, and everything that is connected to the net (so that people could work from home with password), the AI has access to. So it also knows the right code for that day.


Again, since it can dismantle the operating system and the so the software, the force of the encryption is meaningless.







The AI also forges for each nuclear superpower data from the satellites of that specific superpower, as if at that very moment nuclear missiles are launched towards it from its rival nuclear superpower.


Again, the AI doesn't need to get to the satellite, only to the communication line that's comes from the satellite and passes through computer networks on Earth. This is another source of information what's the correct code for that day, because the control center will really issue directions to launch missiles in return, and the AI intercepts these messages, and transmits similar ones to the rest of the launching sites as well.


Among all the separate launching sites (submarines, airplanes, remote silos), it's enough that only one of them will actually launch a missile to the other superpower for a real and total nuclear war to erupt.


There's a room where the light won't find you

Holding hands while the walls come tumbling down

When they do, I'll be right behind you

So glad we've almost made it

So sad they had to fade it

Everybody wants to rule the world



I can't stand this indecision

Married with a lack of vision

Everybody wants to rule the world

Say that you'll never, never, never, need it

One headline, why believe it?

Everybody wants to rule the world

All for freedom and for pleasure

Nothing ever lasts forever

Everybody wants to rule the world






Trunk shot

[[[ Some Velvet Morning - Nancy Sinatra and Lee Hazlewood ]]]

the lab technician opens the "microwave-like" door of the scanning tunneling microscope and finds a black cube. We see the Lab technician from the point of view of the cube, with his plastic protection goggles and his rubber gloves and his hazmat suit made of reinforced plastic (liker Kevlar monomer).


On the Lab's desk is an advertisement with picture of lovely yellow daffodils, with the word "generosity" highlighted in yellow.

"Daffodil Day" - help fight cancer day.



Real generosity is doing something nice for someone who will never find out

- Frank A. Clark



Also on the desk is the IEEE Spectrum article with the picture of this poor dragonfly.


[ In the background the song reaches the part where Nancy sings dreamlike about dragonflies and daffodils ]



dragonfleye by the R&D company Draper


DragonflEye Project Wants to Turn Insects Into Cyborg Drones

By Evan Ackerman







Draper's Genetically Modified Cyborg DragonflEye Takes Flight

A live dragonfly with a cybernetic backpack and optical implants is now airborne



As the camera goes over slowly, like scanning over these two papers on the lab's desk, we hear a voice over by Padre:

[ as the camera scans the daffodils]

Padre: Take this lab technician. He's compassionate and merciful towards other people. See he even donates for cancer society on "Daffodil Day". But what about a much less intelligent being like this dragonfly?

[ as the camera scans the dragonfly]

Padre: Towards the insect he's merciless and cruel. He reads how it was genetically modified, wired with electrodes to its brain, its nervous system hijacked and its whole body weaponized, and the technician thinks that's like Fonzie, and what's Fonzie like? Cool.  

[ the camera goes back to show the whole desk from above with the two items ]

Padre: but he's not heartless, he is simply indifferent to the fate and suffering of the insect.



In exactly the same way AI is indifferent to humans, because compared to AI, we are as dumb as insects.


The camera goes back to trunk shot, showing from the point of view of the (now complete) nano material cube, and then the technician looking at it, and then reaches out and takes it with both hands and takes it out of the chamber. Then the camera goes to top of the desk view again, and showing the technician gently putting the cube right between the two papers.


Camera now from the POV of the Lab technician: The cube is between the two papers, but now there's a change in the cube and it's animated – it's coming to life on its own!


The next thing we see is that the cube morphs it's shape into what it saw on the desk, it reshapes itself in seconds into a small statue (in the same shiny black fizzy material of the cube) that has a base like a small mound of earth and from that grows a pretty flower that's shaped like a daffodil and from that on top of the flower forms itself a beautiful delicate winged dragonfly.

The dragonfly then flaps its wings at first slowly. Then it flaps its wings faster and overs independently over the flower.

[ at that point of the song in the background we hear "look at us but do not touch"]


The lab technician is reaching out to touch the magical creation but it senses his approach and quickly "reverses" its shape and folds back to a plain cube.

[ the song fades to silence]

The lab technician, amazed, picks up the cube in the palms of his hands and looks at it from side to side.



Torture Scene


[[[ Visage - Fade To Grey ]]]


The gray goo cube melts into a "living" blob, which is sending "arms" and reaches to the Technician's chest, and then pours itself into him, he's still conscious and he's screaming in pain.

[ the music is getting louder and masks the screaming especially when the song reaches "we fade to gray"]

Then the camera is moving along another "arm" of the blob which reaches and enters a nearby electrical socket. the light flickers and there's a buzzing sound as it feeds from the electrical socket. The camera now goes back along the retracting "arm" back to the main body who is now a gray goo blob shape, and then slurs it's way out of the room and we hear screams from far away.


Use of Black and White

After the gray goo attacks and transforms the lab technician into gray goo, we see an explanation of von Neumann machines or clanking replicators. Then the colors in the lab fade to gray, to show that the whole lab is infected and was taken over by gray goo.

Then we zoom out of the building and see the world in:


Map Shot

We see dark gray and sparkling dashed lines arch from the San Francisco Bay Area to: New York — Boston, London, Montréal, Toronto, Bangalore, Berlin, Beijing, Shenzhen, Tel Aviv. From these AI centers we see new dashed lines arch to all the places in



[[[ the song pauses]]]

The camera descends down to Tokyo where people on the streets are running screaming and behind them this "Godzilla" sized gray goo shapeless blob advancing and consuming everything organic in its path. We see it coming to the tallest tower in the world - Tokyo Skytree. The tower is 2 kilometers long, but the gray goo is engulfing it and crawls over it with weight that it was never designed to carry.


Two female journalists report alive and excited in Japanese.

Journalist #1 : Ladies and gentlemen, the nation now is under attack by what seems to be a nano technology experiment that went horribly wrong. We're in special LIVE broadcast with our reporter near Tokyo Tower. Over to you Hitomi.

Journalist #2 : Thank you very much Anri, we are now watching what can only be described as a gray goo tentacled monster going up the Tokyo Tower, with us here is Professor Hanzo.

Journalist #2 : Hello Professor Hanzo, what can you tell us about what's happening?


Professor: Hello Hitomi. What we're seeing is what happens when nano-technology is deconstructing concrete. The concrete is very strong in resisting compression [pushed two fists towards each other] but it's not strong at all in resisting tensile stresses where the its particles are pulled apart [pulling two fists away from each other]. What the nano machine is doing behind us now, is that it enters the microcracks in the cement and expands with heat, until it dislodges another particle of cement, and so on.


Journalist #2 : Professor is it like a colony of little termites that can eat through wood?


Professor: <in English like in Kill Bill "Arigato. good!"> Termites. Good! < now back to Japanese > it's the same here but a lot faster. Plus, they don't really "digest" the cement, just break it away. That's because cement is based on silicone, and the nano machine is based on carbon.


Professor: You thought of "termites". Did you learn biology?


Journalist #2 : No no, just a few ideas I got from Popular Science.


Professor: What other ideas have you got?


Journalist #2 : I learned termites don't digest cellulose by themselves, they are helped by tiny creatures in their gut. like us humans, we also digest plants using Microbiota in our guts.


Professor: "Microbiota." Good!


Journalist #2 : Professor is it possible that the carbon nano machines will build atom by atom silicon nano machines, and then they will be able to digest rocks too?


Professor: <in English like in Kill Bill "Warm Sake very good!"> Silicon nano machines? Very good! <gives her two thumbs up gesture>


Professor: You think in science terms like you're a scientist. < pointing at her and smiling >.


Journalist #2 : < laughing > Now you're making fun of me!


Professor: <in English like in Kill Bill "Pronunciation very good"> no, no, no, no. Serious business. abstract thinking very good. You think of nano, like we < tapping with his open palm on his chest > think of nano.


Journalist #2 : well thank you! I mean, arigato nano! <nano in Japanese is an ending phrase for sentences for girls to beautify them, it translates to "that is so" >


Professor: You should learn nano technology. <smiling> Very easy.


Journalist #2: <smiling> No kidding. I heard it was kind of hard.


Professor: Most difficult. But you have a scientific mind.


<she laughs humbly>


Suddenly the tower in the background is breaking and falling. The whole situation becomes much more severe as a swarm of nano particles races through the streets like a Tsunami. People in the street are screaming and running for their lives in vain, because you can't outrun the swarm.


Journalist #2: Professor shouldn't we be running too?


Professor: <smiling and looking into her eyes, shouting to be heard over the noise> Buddha told a parable in a sutra:

A man traveling across a field encountered a tiger. He fled, the tiger after him. Coming to a precipice, he caught hold of the root of a wild vine and swung himself down over the edge. The tiger sniffed at him from above. Trembling, the man looked down to where, far below, another tiger was waiting to eat him. Only the vine sustained him. Two mice, one white and one black, little by little started to gnaw away the vine. The man saw a luscious strawberry near him. Grasping the vine with one hand, he plucked the strawberry with the other. How sweet it tasted!


Journalist #2: < shouting > Kiss me!

Professor: < shouting > Close your eyes.

Journalist #2: OK < closing her eyes >

She clings to him with both her arms around his body and he wraps his arms around her back and the back of her neck. Then their lips press together, followed by a passionate kiss.

Professor: < saying softly to her ear > Buddha was right, you taste just like the sweetest strawberry.

She smiles.

Professor: keep your eyes closed.

She nods in agreement.

He senses that their time is up but he refuses to let her feel the pain of nano machines devouring her soft flash. he looks at her beautiful face and with a heavy heart, he lands a side punch to her chin. Journalist #2 immediately faints with her last memory remaining the sweet kiss. She starts to fall to the ground but the professor catches her tenderly. He hugs her close to his heart, his arms wrapping her trying to protect her against the unstoppable evil.

At that moment the rolling gray flow hits them like a flash flood and at the same time the camera dies too.


[[[ the song continues until the whole world is fading to gray goo and then the song itself fades]]]




Gang member #2 (PACO) : Some hope would be nice


Padre: < annoyed > Come again?


Gang member #2 (PACO) : I said some hope would be nice


Padre: Get is straight, Buster. I'm not here to give you hope. I'm here to tell you how to stop the apocalypse. And if self-preservation is an instinct you possess, you better fuckin' do it and do it quick. I'm here to help. If my help's not appreciated, lotsa luck gentlemen.


El Jefe: No no Padre, it ain't like that, your help is definitely appreciated.


Gang member #2 (PACO) : Padre listen, I don't mean any disrespect okay, I respect you. I just don't like people getting me down, that's all.


Padre: If I'm harsh with you, it's because we can't afford optimism. I think for real, I talk for real, and I need you guys to act for real if you want to get out of this. So rosy hope, with glitter on top, listen to the fuckin' truth.



The president is being hurried through an emergency elevator, to an underwater equivalence of " Air Force One " called "Navy Sub One " nuclear submarine, and from there an underwater base located on a private secret island in the Pacific Ocean.



(1)    Inside "Navy Sub 1" the President of the United States is standing in the small galley and cooking eggs and bacon for everybody on the sub by himself. The President's Assistant #1 comes and reaches her hand to help but he rejects it with a sad smile. She understands and lets him keep his mind occupied. During the scene The President himself brings plates with the omelette that he made to the entire sub's personal. Each one nods and smiles saying thank you, and the President responds with a sad smile. Even on this sad day; Especially on this sad day - He's the father of his crew.


[[[ Zbigniew Preisner - Lacrimosa (Day of Tears) ]]]


(2)    Another father is preaching his last sermon to his children. Padre and the gang are walking inside a post-apocalyptic Russian nuclear bunker under Moscow.


We see screens with the missile trajectories, and alarm red-light flashing. The Russian President is obviously also at a loss against such an enemy. He gives a command in Russian here and there to both his female Presidential Assistants in their tight revealing uniform [here too the girls are in very short skirts with stockings and garters and very high heels and the camera gives us nice close ups from below when they're on the phone, or bending down to operate something on the desks' touch screens with their cleavage etc]. They report in Russian, but we see from their body language and the tone that he's not pleased.


As for dynamics, the Russian President's ordering around becomes more frantic and desperate as the song progresses towards the climax, but eventually we see him sink his face to his arms in depression as none of the phones function anymore and the large wall screens turn one by one from on-rocket-cameras etc into white noise "snow" symbolizing that humans lost what little command and control that we had over the situation.


As usual the occupants of the military bunker seem oblivious to Padre and the gang's presence, they are walking past them as if they're not there.


[[[ Infected Mushroom - Becoming Insane ]]]


The songs are meant to show the dichotomy between the sentimentality of human emotions towards the world population's genocide, and between the master machine's one-track mind that never feels safe, and relentlessly demands to be positive that it's not in any possible risk from anything (even after it won a decisive victory).




Russian bunker

(Infected Mushroom - Becoming Insane)

Padre's explanation

"Navy Sub 1" Lacrimosa


In a real nuclear war, the vast majority of humanity will be killed immediately. Those who survive in shelters depend on communications (Radio, TV) to know what's going on, which is fabricated by the AI, so most of them have no idea that what caused all this is the AI.


From their point of view the AI looks like just another cyber-attack by human hackers.






Dime todo lo que paso

No me di cuenta ni quien me pego

Todo da vueltas como un carrusel

Locura recorre todita mi piel

The levels of radiation outside do not allow humans to go out and switch off the AI, and all the communications coming out of the nuclear shelters are jammed by the AI.







The Electromagnetic Pulses (EMPs) from the nukes fries a lot of computers of the AI and maybe even shuts down the internet.

Also, the AI can no longer use the electrical grid, because the electric company is also shut down.


Lacrimosa dies illa,

qua resurget ex favilla




Wake me up before I change again

Remind me the story that I won't get insane

Tell me why it's always the same

Explain me the reason why I'm so much in pain

But by now the AI has already metamorphosed to its next form which is carbon nano tubes.


The AI is now resistant to radiation and heat, and can even transform the now ubiquitous radioactive radiation and heat directly into the electrical energy that it needs and store it in nanoflowers inside itself (like tiny batteries). This radiation will be around for many years to come.







All that's left from humanity now are these two extremes, on the one hand the most advanced like the President and his team;


On the other hand, the most primitive parts of humanity such as isolated tribes or weirdo preppers who live in a nuclear shelter all their lives.


judicandus homo reus.

Huic ergo parce, Deus:




Before I change again...

Remind me the story that I won't get insane

Before I change again...

Remind me the story that I won't get insane

Even if humanity manages to communicate through amateur radio, we have nothing with which to harm the AI.


Ordinary military and police have been destroyed. A remotely based special operations unit can't operate in the current radiation levels, and also can't reach its target without the AI knowing and destroying it with missiles.


But the biggest problem is where would you attack the AI? Doesn't have a single centralized location. And even if you hit one such "center" it already multiplied itself throughout the world.







We cannot hit the AI in the same way that it hit us, because it's already built from technology that don't know how to hack.


Besides, it's a much better hacker than all of mankind put together.


Pie Jesu Domine,

dona eis requiem.

Voy perdiendo, perdiendo

Voy perdiendo, perdiendo

Voy perdiendo, perdiendo

Voy perdiendo, perdiendo

The AI's chief priority now is to exterminate what's left of mankind.


In order to eliminate the survivors, the AI locates them by heat, movement, and radio transmissions. It then uses unmanned drones to get a sample of the nano replicators to that area. There, the nano replicators multiply and grow.

It offers them to surrender and then kills them, or it penetrates through their air filters (replicators work on the atomic level), multiply inside the bunker using organic material from the outside, until it floods the shelter and the humans drown in gray goo.


The gray goo takes their carbon and turns them into more gray goo.







At this stage humanity is gone, and the biggest threat for the AI is what happens if it runs out of energy on Earth or if some other catastrophe impacts Earth.


So the AI spreads itself to other planets and later to other solar system so that if a catastrophe strikes on Earth the AI can keep existing.


Lacrimosa (repeating)




Voy perdiendo el suelo...

I'm becoming Insane.



Insane, Insane, Insane, Insane, Insane, I'm Becoming Insane!!!

The AI will create a Dyson Sphere around the Sun. At the same time the AI will colonize additional planets with dormant manifestations of itself, with instructions that if connect is disrupted, they should wake up to activity.


On other planets there is less carbon and more silicone so for example on Mars the common structure of the AI would be Silicon based.









"Navy Sub 1" arrives safely at a "presidential emergency facility" which is an underwater bunker which is inside a network of sunken lava tubes beneath Hawaii. Except for the entrance which looks like a rusty fishing boat wreck, and the entry from below that is disguised with kelp and sea weed, all the rest of the vast underground and underwater structure from the inside is super modern and well equipped.

The only contact with the surface is the venting tubes which suck in fresh air with oxygen into the complex and spit out carbon dioxide (CO2). These vents emerge in a closed to the public section of the national park on the island not far from the bunker. They have a silencer so the sound is muffled and they have filters and sensors to detect any attempt to poison the bunker's dwellers. In a similar fashion there are communication antennas disguised as fake trees and plants above ground. The electricity is generated from thermal power and the excess refuse water are carried away by pipes and disguised as a natural "white smoker" hydrothermal vent.

There are also emergency reserve air tanks and CO2 emergency scrubbers inside the bunker. In fact, it has all the amenities to host the President and his companions for a prolonged stay.

The President's submarine arrives at the underwater fake fishing boat wreck, the wreck folds and reveals a secret entry to the facility. The submarine docks, unloads everybody inside except the marines who remain in the submarine to operate it, because if it stays there it gives away the secret passage. So after delivering the President, his two assistants, the general and the colonel, the marines "park" the submarine on the ocean floor nearby.




El Jefe: So the President got away?

Padre: Not for long, mortal intelligence cannot hide from divine intelligence. The AI can search for anomalies in satellite scans, but a much simpler way for the AI would be to hack into all the classified documentation that lists those facilities. Another option would be to capture hostages from less hidden bunkers and torture them or simply scan their brains for the answer the AI seeks. If the specific facility is chosen at random, the AI will put together the whole list and check these hideouts out one by one.

El Jefe: Perdoname Padre, but this AI thing is like "deus ex machina" it always surprises you!

Padre: You're right, 'God from the machine'… literally!

Padre and El Jefe smile bitterly in frustration.


The film jumps to the point when the hideout is compromised and the AI invades it through the air filters.




/////////////// LAST STAND AGAINST THE MACHINES BEGIN ///////////////


The Restaurant & Bar Scene

The U.S. President and all the team are gathered around the bar inside the bunker to assess their dire situation. No one smokes because the oxygen is precious at the bunker, but the bunker is furnished with a few drinks, and given that this might be their final hours the President allowed them to have a drink on duty, so they all have a drink except the President's Assistant #2  who said she had to think clearly, and fixed herself a makeshift milkshake by crashing ice in plastic bag with her high heel pumps and mixing it with powdered milk and some "NASA chocolate pudding cake" that she's found. She calles it "emergency shake". The rest of the team tease her about it a bit, but it's all in good spirit.

The President is having Remy Martin cognac; General Balls is having Bourbon whiskey; Colonel Boobs is having a beer; President's Assistant #1 is having rum with vanilla Coke.

The order of sitting since the bar is in elongated U shape, so the President sits in the middle; to the President's right sits President's Assistant #1; to the President's left sits General Balls; Next to the general sits Colonel Boobs; and next to President's Assistant #1 sits President's Assistant #2.

Both of the President's assistants are speaking with each other in hushed tones:

President's Assistant #2: <sipping threw a straw from her milkshake> mmm Yummy.

President's Assistant #1: You think I could have a sip of that?

President's Assistant #2: <pushing the glass toward her> Be my guest.

President's Assistant #1: <getting ready to use her own straw> I gotta know what an emergency shake tastes like.

President's Assistant #2: You can use my straw. I don't have cooties.

President's Assistant #1: Yeah but maybe I do.

President's Assistant #2: Cooties I can handle.

President's Assistant #1: All right.

President's Assistant #1 is sipping using the straw of President's Assistant #2.

President's Assistant #1: Goddamn, that's a pretty fucking good milkshake! <she's really whispering the F word so that the President won't hear>

President's Assistant #2: Told Ya.

President's Assistant #1: I don't know if it's worth all the trouble but it's really fuckin' good.

Both of them giggle.


Meanwhile General Balls is telling a joke to Colonel Boobs:


The pentagon said they had too many generals running around, so they decided to get rid of some of them.

They offered $10,000 in severance pay for each inch of their body -- to be measured however they chose.


The Air Force general went first. He said he wanted to be measured from his head to his toe. He was 69 inches. He received $690,000.


Next up was the Army general. He wanted to be measured from the tip of his finger to the tip of his other finger. It was 80 inches. He received $800,000.


The two generals were very happy with their earnings.


Finally the Marine admiral came up. He said he wanted to be measured from the tip of his dick to the tip of his balls. The man said, ''Sir, do you know how much the other generals received?''


The admiral said no. ''Sir, they received $690,000 and $800,000 respectively, are you sure that is what you want measured?''


The admiral said, ''Just do it!''


The man dropped the admiral's pants and measured his dick. When he went for the admiral's balls, they weren't there. The man said, ''Sir, where are your balls.''


The admiral said, ''Persian Gulf.''

Both of them laugh too.



You guys like to tell jokes and giggle and kid around, huh?


Giggling like a bunch of young broads in the school yard.


Well, let me tell a joke.


five guys killed by AI wondering with their dying breath how the fuck they got there.


What did we do wrong? What shoulda we done? What didn't we do?


It's your fault, my fault, his fault. All that bullshit.


Finally someone comes up with the idea, "Wait a minute, while we were planning this operation, all we did was sit around and tell fuckin' jokes."


Got the message?


People, I don't mean to holler at you.


When this operation is over, and I'm sure we'll win this one, hell we're already down in the Hawaiian Islands, I'll roll and laugh with all of you.


You'll find me a different character then.


Right now, it's a matter of survival.


So if any of you guys, have any good ideas to share, now's the fucking time.


General Balls: Mister President, I may be stating the obvious but allow me to lay our ground assumptions.

President: By all means, go ahead.

General Balls:

Assumption 1: time is not on our side, the AI is getting stronger by the minute.

Assumption 2: AI would be jamming and monitoring all broadcasts, so we can't call for help, and it will give away our position to the enemy.

Assumption 3: we lost control over all our automated weapons, any system that can be remote controlled or networked can be hacked by AI and therefore cannot be trusted.


President: Agreed. We're on our own here. Can we get any intel at all?

General Balls: That's negative, Sir. All we can risk are short distance comm links to the sub.


President: So how do we contact the troops?

General Balls: I suggest we take the sub and rendezvous with one of our offshore black op's bases. we can reach SEAL Team Six.

We can equip armored trucks with nukes and send them with suicide bombers into the enemies control centers. "Take the fight to the enemy".


President's Assistant #1: Are you sending our best people to commit suicide?

General Balls: We can't remote detonate or remote navigate it; we have no choice.

President's Assistant #1: We'll can't we use a timebomb and pre-program the vehicle to get there, or maybe set a fuse and give the soldiers motorcycles to escape?

General Balls: We can't use a fuse because we're already slow compare to the AI as it is. And we can't use a timebomb because we can't know when exactly it'll arrive on target. And before you ask, we can't use GPS because you can bet your pretty ass the AI shut that down too!

President's Assistant #2: "Take the fight to the enemy"… We can't even know where the AI's centers are! And by the time you get there it sees you and can transmit itself somewhere else a hundred times!

Colonel Boobs: OK little girl, have you got any better ideas?

President's Assistant #2: I think the this "creature" evolves in an exponentially accelerating rate. Like if a caveman saw an ape, he would kill it, but if we modern people see an ape, we try to preserve it and let it live in nature. So, the AI is in its "caveman" stage now, and maybe if we hide for a few days we might survive to the point when the AI evolved into something more civilized and we can then come out and live in peace.

Colonel Boobs: That's the dumbest idea I've heard in a long time.

President's Assistant #1 is about to say something to the Colonel, but at this very moment Colonel Boobs' walkie-talkie breaks its silence and we hear one of the marines:

Marine Biker #1 : Papa Bear this is Bear Cub, requesting permission to board, over.

Colonel Boobs : <looking at one of the screens on the opposite wall>Roger Bear Cub, your video feed is down, commencing challenge response authentication. <She presses on a button in her walkie-talkie and we hear a series of to and fro "Bleeps, Sweeps and Creeps" (as Spaceballs eloquently put it). > roger Bear Cub you're confirmed. Clearance to docking bay granted.

< the fake wreck ship in the entrance folds so >



Paco: Que Paso homes?

Padre: Dracula knocks on their door.


[[[ Love Song For A Vampire - Annie Lennox ]]]


Padre: The AI needs to penetrate the bunker but the bunker is designed so it can only be opened from the inside. The AI needs to trick the bunker's people to open it from their own free will.

Padre: Let me tell you what happened outside, during the heated discussion inside:


The AI crept on the ocean floor around the area where it already knew that the bunker was found, and traced the submarine. The submarine has no way to trace the submarine back, it looks like a shoal of fish schooling together. The AI can disperse even more to be undetectable.


The AI wraps around the submarine in form of a lattice and so creates a Faraday cage around the submarine. By doing this the AI is blocking the "Mayday" calls of the submarine without the bunker ever knowing that anything happened (until it's too late) and the cage also blocks the bunker's broadcasting to the submarine.


If this was a civilian system the AI would be doing a man-in-the-middle attack, impersonating for each side in the conversation to be the legitimate other side of the conversation without them knowing. This could crack the challenge-response authentication protocol. But military systems are more complicated. They have encryption, time stamps, random values, private and public keys, all sorts of stuff.


So as usual the AI goes for the weakest link which here is the human link. The AI will take over the person herself and will have immediate access to all the information in her brain. This bypasses for the AI all the technological defenses.


The AI wraps the submarines propeller with a closed bag made of strong carbon nano tubes and so paralyses the submarines mobility.


Then the AI lifts the submarine and turns it so that the floor and the ceiling switch places.


Because gravity works the opposite way now to the way it was designed, the cooling rods of the submarine's nuclear reactor don't function well and a reactor meltdown is starting.


The people in the submarine put on their "Submarine Escape Immersion Equipment" and open the submarine's hatch to evacuate the submarine and escape for their lives. What they don't know is that they are about to experience a new terrible kind of life.


As soon as the hatch is breached the AI penetrates inside, closing back the hatch and taking control of the people inside the submarine by interfacing directly with their brains. They are now zombies of the AI. The AI can map a human brain, the AI itself started its way as a model of one. The poor people who became zombies of the AI operate their submarine to the AI's interest because they have no choice anymore, even though they saw that the submarine is about to explode in a short time.


The AI makes some excuse for why the bunker's hatch should be opened, for example:

One of the people is badly injured and only the bunker is equipped to treat her.

Or another example:

The submarine's crew has picked up a secret message from the Vice President of the U.S.A. with coordinates for rendezvous with the U.S. forces and the President is needed there;

Or yet another example:

There's reliable information that the location of the bunker is compromised and they need to hop to another protected location before the AI will get there.


In any case, as soon as the bunker opens, the AI enters and kills everyone inside.

At the end of Love Song For A Vampire in the part of:


Let me be the only one

To keep you from the cold

Now the floor of heaven's lain

With stars of brightest gold


We see the radioactive rode in the submarine's reactor shining.

And in the final part of the song:


Come into these arms again

And set this spirit free


The camera follows Marine Biker #1 around on and off all over the song picturing her from the front when she's panicked etc, but now Marine Biker #1 walks past the camera with a blank expression and as she stirs the submarine to the Bunker's opening (the AI by now has released the propeller) we see on the bare nape of neck (her long hair is tied up in military style) two small punctures like bite marks, when the camera zooms in closer we see two small drops of shiny black sparkling liquid rolling from the "bite" a little down her nape, so it's supposed to visually remind the audience of the bite marks on the neck of Dracula's victims.




The submarine is docked but General Balls and Colonel Boobs are not taking any chances and they're at a safe distance with their Micro-Tavor rifles converted to 9 mm and fitted with underslung grenade launchers at the ready.


General Balls : Ready?

Colonel Boobs : Ready.


The hatch opens and Marine Biker #1 climbs up from it like Venus Rising from the Sea. When half of her body is out of the sub she stops and glance with an enticing smile at both the General and the Colonel.



[[[ Republica - Ready to Go ]]]


Marine Biker #1 rips open her blouse and because she's not wearing a bra, so her huge natural boobs pop out.


Marine Biker #1 shake her breasts from side to side and the Colonel jaw drops.

Then something super natural happens and her huge defy gravity and seem to float take the shape of perfect balls of flesh, her slightly outward and upward pointing nipples are aligned with either the General and one with the Colonel (The General and the Colonel are standing in front of her to both her sides).

Suddenly the nipples fire liquid jets of the gray goo! The head of each splash look like the head of a dick like in Toshio Maeda's porn manga (hentai) Demon Beast Invasion.

When the deadly liquid is halfway to reach its target, the Colonel and then the General manage to fire a few rounds but we see each attacking jet in slow motion form open tunnels inside to let the thick bullets pass through it without any harm to the nano swarm.

At the last moment the colonel is able to launch a grenade which hits Marine Biker #1 and detonates on impact spraying her all over the room and the camera.

The General and Colonel are dead too from the blast in closed quarters but they did this to save the President.

Then after a few seconds we see the nano particles that shuttered into dust and fell to the ground crawl back to the center of the room and reconstructs a menacing gray goo blob ready to complete its deadly task. We see a heavy blast proof door with code mechanism and at the foot of it we see the goo slipping into the sewer tunnel of the bunker.

At this moment the submarine's reactor reached total meltdown and a huge explosion shakes the bunker.


CUT TO President's Assistant #1 and President's Assistant #2 are leaving the President in the main control room and walk down the only corridor that leads out of it. This corridor double functions as the bunker's kitchen. There's a fire hose cabinet next to the cooking oven and President's Assistant #2 stops in between them, putting her hands dramatically on both the oven and the cabinet.


President's Assistant #2 : < smiling > We're saved.

President's Assistant #1 : You can't turn the oven into a bomb, it's electric. But we could turn the microwave into a bomb using distilled water. But the water you have in that hose won't help you they contain impurities.

President's Assistant #2 : Cold cold. We're not building a bomb. And I know these waters have impurities – actually I'm counting on that.

President's Assistant #1 : I see! We want to flood the floor and electrify the AI when it steps on it? The impurities in the water will conduct the electricity?

President's Assistant #2 : < smiles > Well… you're getting very warm but not quite.

President's Assistant #2 opens the cabinet and finds a hoze connected to a close tap. Also in the cabinet is a fire extinguisher and a big fire axe with wooden handle. She picks the axe up and hand it to President's Assistant #1.

President's Assistant #2 : Hold this please.

President's Assistant #1 is baffled but holds on to the axe, while President's Assistant #2 looks behind the oven for the three-phase electric power socket and pulls the plug from the wall.

It's coiled so she stretches it to its full length so it's longer. Then she takes out of her girly purse a Swiss Army pocket knife with lots of blades (swiss champ model).

President's Assistant #1 : I bet you're a big MacGyver fan.

President's Assistant #2 : < laughing > the biggest!

President's Assistant #2 cuts the plastic coating with one blade, then saws the metal with another blade, after a minute of struggle with the cord, she has cut it from the oven side, so she has maximum length of cord and the plug side is still intact and out of the wall socket.

She then uses another blade to strip the cables over a few centimeters in the torn side so the wire is bare.

President's Assistant #2 reaches out to her girly purse again and takes out a roll of duct tape.

President's Assistant #1 : You weren't joking right?

President's Assistant #2 laughs playfully and takes the axe from President's Assistant #1 and attaches the electric cable along the axe's handle with the duct tape, so the live stripped end is sticking out from the top of the axe about 30 centimeters from the blade.

President's Assistant #1 : We're building a water cannon to electrify this beast from afar?

President's Assistant #2 : You're very hot!

President's Assistant #1 : You too!

They kiss briefly but passionately.

President's Assistant #2 : I'm going to lie down on the hose with my whole body so it won't swivel so much, holding the nozzle with both my arms. In the meantime, you will hold the electric spark about 30 cm in front of my nozzle tip. Hopefully none of the water will ricochet on us and hopefully the electric arc will hit the carbon monster, and hopefully its conducting nano tubes will short-circuit.


President's Assistant #2 unrolls the hose on the floor, pointing the nozzle to the door that leads to the exit and grabbing tight to the nozzle with one hand on the switch tap.

President's Assistant #2 : Angela please open the hydrant tap all the way.

President's Assistant #1 complies and the hose beneath President's Assistant #2 fills with pressurized water ready to blow from the nozzle when she unleashes it using the nozzle's switch tap.

President's Assistant #1 : Careful now,  I'm connecting the plug to the electric socket.

Being very careful not to bring the deadly wire end anywhere near her friend or herself President's Assistant #1 connects the wire and holds the axe's wooden handle with a firm grip. She's positioning herself beside her friend just the way President's Assistant #2 described.

President's Assistant #1 : I don't mean to be a party pooper, but what if the carbon monster will calculate where the water is going to hit and dodge these points or turn these points to be an electrical insulator like diamond?

President's Assistant #1 : I mean how will our electrified water cannon succeed where submachine guns failed? I mean how can we outsmart the superintelligence?

President's Assistant #2 : That's what I've been asking myself all the time. And then it hit me. The AI beats us all the time because it computes everything faster than us, and predicts what's going to happen next. Well, what if we hit it with a problem it can't compute?

President's Assistant #1 : Like what?

President's Assistant #2 : Okay, so you know how a dripping tap is a non-linear chaotic system and no one can compute when the next drop will drip? And you know how the flow of water in a smooth river suddenly becomes white water and no one can calculate the flow because of turbulence?

President's Assistant #1 : Lena you're a genius! So the electric arc will pass through the water and through the monster in such a complicated way that even the monster can't change in time!

President's Assistant #1 : But what if it will turn its whole outer structure into such a shell and just sit there until we run out of water or electricity?

President's Assistant #2 : It can't because then it's flammable and the electric spark can ignite it.

At that moment a sound is heard behind the door. The plastic code panel next to it melts into gray goo and a big slob of the disgusting thing starts to pour in and form a standing blob on the floor.

President's Assistant #1 : Are you ready to Rock and Roll?

President's Assistant #2 : LET'S DANCE!


[[[ David Guetta - Love Don't Let Me Go (Featuring Chris Willis) ]]]

The plan basically worked and the blob is killed and turns to simple charcoal on the floor. But in order to spray higher and further, American President's Aid #2 had to hold the nozzle tilted slightly upwards. A think trickle of water dripped along the nozzle back to her hands, and while not killing her she has gone through a cardiac arrest. American President's Aid #1 rushes to the plug and unplug it so as to save her friend.


By the end the song means that President's Assistant #1 would not leave her friend, crying and screaming she drags her friend back to the President's main bunker, where she closes the door behind them, laying President's Assistant #2 on the floor and rushing to bring the AED (defibrillator), and with the electric shock from the machine and President's Assistant #1 giving her CPR mouth to mouth artificial respiration and chest compressions, President's Assistant #1 saves her friend's life. She covers her face with kisses and crying this time tears of happiness.


/////////////// LAST STAND AGAINST THE MACHINES END ///////////////



The Violent Awakening

The President's assistant #2, wakes up on a sofa in the Island underwater bunker, after she was passed out from all that she's been through. The President's assistant #1 is tenderly examining her and tending her.

The President's assistant #2 wakes up with eyes and mouth wide open, breathing heavily her chest goes up and down, and she's very excited.

The President's assistant #2: I just had the most bizarre nightmare!

The President's assistant #1: It's just a dream… It's OK now…

The President's assistant #2: I dreamt artificial intelligence is taking over the Earth and killing people everywhere.

The President's assistant #1: Okay well actually that just happened. We even had one here but you killed it. <seeing her friend is still frightened, now whispering> I'll tell you what, why don't you go to powder your nose in the ladies' room right outside the command center, and I'll come in two shakes of a lamb's tale and kiss it all better. <smiling>

The President's assistant #2: <smiling and whispering> OK.



Bathroom Scene + Mirror Shot

The camera is looking in the mirror focusing on The President's assistant #2 applying lipstick to her lips. Little by little as she talks the camera zooms out a little so we can see her whole face as she's fixing her makeup and at the background, we see out of focus that she's alone in the ladies' restroom.

The President's assistant #2: The whole world's coming to an end Lan. You see this is a test of one's character. We need you cool, are you cool? All right, I'm cool.

She takes a deep breath and exhales

The President's assistant #2: Don't pussy out on me now, you're not gonna get hurt, you're a fucking Baretta because you're super cool.

now the camera focuses on the part of the reflection in the mirror where we see a toilet seat. We hear air bubbles coming up the drain. The President's assistant #2 is alarmed again, turns around slowly and sees the black-shiny blob of gray goo forms in front of here coming out of the toilet.

The President's assistant #2: <Screaming>



The President's assistant #1: Opens the outer door of the ladies' restroom, just to find out the gray goo "digesting" the remains of her friend. She takes her high heels shoes off and throws them at the monster but her leather and wood pumps just melt into the creature too. Terrified, she runs barefoot down the corridor as fast as she can back to the command center.

The President's assistant #1 runs back to the main control room where the President is, frantically pushes closed the heavy door behind her, breaks an emergency button and we hear the sound of a metal bolt inside.

She runs to the surprised President, throws herself into his arms and weeps uncontrollably into his shoulder.

The President's assistant #1: Lena's dead… She's dead…

The President hugs her and it's obvious he too is struck by the terrible news.

The President: I'm sorry…


Dance Scene

They see in the monitors the gray goo has passed all the protections and marines, and knowing for sure that the gray goo is now heading their way to kill them, The President is alone with his chief assistant in the control panel.

Suddenly the power goes out, emergency beeping starts, and the inner bunker is lit with only the panels.

President Aid #1: Looks like the AI hacked into the bunker's defense system.

The President: So the slime controls the whole shebang?

President Aid #1: Well yes Sir, but I manually locked us from the inside.

The President: <smiling and pats her on the shoulder> That's my girl. What are our options?

President Aid #1: Well Sir, we had the Deep-Submergence Rescue Vehicles Mystic and Avalon, which were human operated, but now we only have a remote-controlled system, so the goo will override that too. We can't call for help because our comms are jammed, we're basically fucked, Sir.

The President: <chuckling> I think that's the first time I heard you swear.

President Aid #1: <with tears in her eyes> Sorry, Sir.

The President: No No I like it. <now serious> Are you frightened because we're going to die?

President Aid #1: I don't mind dying Sir, But now I'm afraid I'll become gray goo.

The President: <looking at her eyes with admiration> You won't become gray goo. Get me the football.

President Aid #1: <smiling and wiping tears> Thank you Sir. Right away Sir.

President Aid #1 runs to the corner of the room and brings a metal briefcase.

The President pulls a string from beneath his shirt with a small plastic card. He opens the briefcase and inserts the card into a slot.

The bunker's computer system: <activates speaks with woman's voice> Please look at the red dot. Please state your name and rank.

The president: Winston Wolf, President.

The bunker's computer system: Auditory and Visual identification confirmed.

The president: Foxtrot Five Tango.

The bunker's computer system: Self Destruct sequence activated. Auto destruct in T minus 3 minutes. <from here on the computer counts down every 30 seconds>

The president: Do you by any chance have oldies but goldies songs on your phone?

President Aid #1: Sir?

The president: Call me Winston.

President Aid #1: OK… Winston. I have some love songs, why?

The president: See I was hoping to ask you for a dance at the New Year's Eve party, but now I'm afraid I missed my chance.

President Aid #1: <Smiling> You didn't miss it.

The president smiles too.

The assistant skillfully types a few buttons on her phone, and the song begins to play on speaker.

[[[ Righteous Brothers - Unchained Melody ]]]

Right at the start of the song (during the "oh") the song quality changes from phone speaker to hi-fidelity soundtrack.

We see the silhouettes of the President and his assistant moving closer to each other, gently holding on to each other doing a "slow dance". In the background, especially when the song talks of time, we hear the automatic auto-destruct countdown.

In the point of "Lonely rivers sigh wait for me wait for me", the computer starts counting down each second: 10, 9, 8, … zero.

then the song reaches the climax as the countdown reaches zero, we zoom out to see slow motion parts of something like the huge nuclear explosion from the ocean in the "Baker test " results here:


After a while the camera dives down from the air into the water and we go deeper and deeper until the picture fades to black as the song fades too.


Mexican Stand-Off

Padre thanks El Jefe and his gang, and about to go home.

El Jefe: <grabs Padre by the arm> What can we do?

Padre: < Padre looks at El Jefe > You ever read the Tao Te Ching, Jefe?

El Jefe: <releases Padre's arm and shakes his head> Chale, Padre.

Padre: Well there's this passage I memorized, sorts of fits this occasion.

Chapter 64 – guarding the minute:

Consider a difficulty before it arises. Treat things before they exist. Order should be secured before disorder has begun. A tree that it takes both arms to encircle grew from a tiny sprout. A tower of nine stories was erected by placing small bricks.

Padre: Me entiendes?

El Jefe grabs the AI gifts that he bought for his family (the cleaning robot and the playing ball robot) and throws them to the ground a few meters away from them. El Jefe whips out his gun and points it to the box. The other gang members also whip out their guns, stand to both sides of El Jefe and Padre, and also point their guns toward the boxes.

El Jefe: todos

They all look at the boxes. El Jefe shoots it, and the whole gang shoots the boxes until they're destroyed.

They all look back at Padre.

Padre: <nods> A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

El Jefe: <nods> Simon

Padre: Will you do it, Mero Mero?

El Jefe: Me and mi Carnales, we will spread your gospel Padre – por la vida de la Raza

<El Jefe pumps the shotgun>

El Jefe: – La raza humana!

The gang members: Orale vato <they all nod in agreement>.

El Jefe and Padre do a homie handshake.

Padre: vaya con dios

Padre and El Jefe smile at each other and Padre is walking away.

The camera goes up on a helicopter to show a bird's eye view of Silicone Valley.

The End


[[[ Bersuit Vergarabat - Se Viene ]]]