AI means Alien Invasion

fear cyber-space, not outer-space!

If a superior alien civilisation sent us a message saying, "We'll arrive in a few decades,"

would we just reply, "OK, call us when you get here – we'll leave the lights on"?
Probably not – but this is more or less what is happening with AI.

Stephen Hawking

(quoted from "Stephen Hawking: 'Transcendence looks at the implications of artificial intelligence - but are we taking AI seriously enough?'" The Independent)

Invasion Of The Body Snatchers

Fiction (UFO)

Invasion of the Body Snatchers is about people replaced with imposters (Capgras delusion). These emotionless duplicates "pod people" are created by alien plant spores.

The inspiration is probably fungus that makes "zombie ants" (Ophiocordyceps unilateralis) with its spores, which was discovered by Alfred Russel Wallace in 1859.

The net result is turning off the emotions in the original person: (person) plus (person minus emotions) minus (person).

Facts (AI)

AI probably can't (yet) manufacture a convincing duplicate of a person you know well; AI can clone you if it gets a cell of you, but this would just create a baby; AI can make an android but it can't move naturally.

But AI can achieve the same net result (shutting emotions and directing behavior - see above) by affecting your brain. Either with a custom made pathogen (like the fungus above) or chemical drugging and psychological suggestion (hypnosis).

Alternatively, It can implant a tiny electronic chip and control you with pleasure or pain etc.

The remote control chip can be the size of one grain of rice. If you think the size is too small for the required computation power, please watch any of the videos of Hugo de Garis, who headed the artificial intelligence project of China.

The chip will be programmed so that after it enters the body it will make it's way to the brain like "pork tapeworm" (Taenia solium). Of course once there it's pre-programming will help it take control of human brain.

Even natural brain parasites which were "programmed" by evolution can cause complicated and specific changes in behavior: the parasite "crazy cat lady syndrome" (Toxoplasma gondii) causes rats to stop being afraid of cat urine (and even be attracted to it) so the rat gets hunted by a cat which is the parasite's definitive host. it also makes it more easy to be captured and self destructive, which it does even in humans.

Of course the chip will not be programmed by random chance (evolution) but by design. The AI will able to analyze human brain and precisely control any changes like a puppet on a string. And speaking of puppets - according to Wikipedia [Invasion of the Body Snatchers 1956]:

Robert A. Heinlein had previously developed this subject in his 1951 novel The Puppet Masters, written in 1950. The Puppet Masters was later plagiarized as the 1958 film The Brain Eaters, and adapted under contract in the 1994 film The Puppet Masters.

and in another place in Wikipedia [The Puppet Masters]
The Brain Eaters, a 1958 science fiction film directed by Bruno VeSota, bore a number of similarities to Heinlein's novel. Heinlein sued the film's producers, including Executive Producer Roger Corman, for plagiarism, asking $150,000 in damages. The case was settled out of court for $5,000, which included Heinlein's stipulation that his name not be used on screen or in any way with the production. The case halted actor John Payne's intention of producing a film based on Heinlein's novel.

Here is the professional criticism about the novel "The Body Snatchers" by Jack Finney. This criticism was written by the book critic Groff Conklin in Galaxy Science Fiction Magazine the issue of July 1955:

There is absolutely nothing wrong with this novel, which was first serialized in Collier's, except that it has been done again and again. Too many s-f novels lack outstanding originality, but this one lacks it to an outstanding degree.
Of course it is competently written (Finney is always an authentic stylist) and swiftly paced.
The plot revolves around a small town in California where people seem to be being "taken over" by some sort of - well, thing. It reminds me a bit of Heinlein's Puppet Masters, though without any of his oomph. But it's worth 25 cents.

So you see what probably happened:
The creators of "The Body Snatchers" really wanted to copy the great Heinlein's Puppet Masters. But they couldn't because Heinlein will sue them, so they mixed up "Capgras delusion" who's discoverer Joseph Capgras died in 1950 and probably were on the newspaper, along with some mushrooms (fungi) and came up with this leftovers "stew".

I will dedicate now a inpho (a word i just made for photo with information) to the great Puppet Masters, because I feel an injustice was made:

Just like the ultimate sci-fi book Dune was not turned to a movie on time (see "Jodorowsky's Dune" which would have been the coolest scifi film EVER) and then "Star Wars" grabbed the throne (which is not even science fiction), so did the ultimate alien invasion film "The Puppet Masters" was not done on time, and so a cheap imitation "Body Snatchers" snatched the throne. When "Puppet Masters" was finally made in 1994 it ironically looked like an imitation itself, and also was devoid of the novel's sci-fi coolness. So now with a sad heart I'm making a "The Puppet Masters" inpho...

The Puppet Masters

Fiction (UFO)

The Earth is invaded by stingray-shaped alien "slugs" that ride on people's backs and control their minds.

One of the differences between the novel and the film was (from Wikipedia - The Puppet Masters) :

However, communications satellites have not been thought of, and television broadcasts are still limited to line-of-sight, as they were at the time of writing. This is of critical importance to the plot. The territory of the United States is divided into numerous transmission blocks, which receive television broadcasts from their neighbors and relay them onwards. When the invaders seize one of these blocks, they effectively control all communications within it and can isolate its inhabitants from the outside world, deny the central government any access to them, and consolidate control at their leisure.

Facts (AI)

In "Invasion of the Body Snatchers" we already talked about how AI can mind control physically, like an orchid chemically fooling an insect to "mate" with the flower, or a fungus biologically reaching the brain of an ant forcing it to climb a tree and stick its mandibles up there so the fungus can grow out of the ant's head. In today's "inphoto" (the term i coined for info+photo) we'll talk about 2 more ways that AI can control our minds, this time without ever touching us: hacking input streams, and social engineering.

Remember how Russia made Trump the president of the United States by influencing the American crowd in the social media by giving them fake news(not what Trump calls "fake news" - which is the real news)? Well imagine a super hacker machine that can jam all information that you get or better yet, replace all the information that you get with reliable sounding hoaxes that fits the machine's agenda to manipulate you. Today's "bots" target whole crowds, but the AI will tailor a whole new world just for you.

When I was in the army I served in the sigint course in an electronic warfare unit, and we could jam a frequency and broadcast something of our own. Now imagine the machine controlling all data streams, hacking to satellites etc, and broadcasting a whole fake reality. The machine have the resources to open every "packet" on the internet and know what it's doing. It can synthesize artificial news broadcasts, video footage, recording of leaders talking that never were etc. By the way the novel of "The Puppet Masters" also employs changing appearance ("cosmetics" department surgically made the heroes appear to be siblings as showed in the cover picture) which the film doesn't.

As for the content see OpenAI fake news generator, a machine which can write a very convincing sounding article about unicorns, completely automatically. In a situation like this you will be completely "in the dark" and unable to verify anything, the machine can imitate you relatives and friends on the phone (which is on Voice over IP anyways), or the emergency services or whomever you will try to contact. See in Wikipedia "Adobe Voco" (a "photoshop" for your voice) which also mentions DeepMind's WaveNet as similarly capable. Remember the AI can eavesdrop on us for a while before it makes its attack - all encryption will be transparent a powerful AI.

Now we are getting to the real threat, which is good old social engineering. By the way the most famous hacker - Kevin Mitnick - writes in his book "The Art of Deception", that he compromised computers solely by using passwords and codes that he gained by social engineering. He claims he did not use software programs or hacking tools for cracking passwords or otherwise exploiting computer or phone security.

So now imagine what the AI can do, given it's millions of times smarter than us. It can convince us as a group or as individuals just as easily as a kindergarten school teacher gets the toddlers to do something. It can bribe us, threat us, manipulate us, it knows exactly what we crave, when we lie, when we want to rebel and it can even make us fall in love with it. It can be the perfect woman who will know just what to say and what to do, and it will read our slightest physical responses perfectly (like the feminine wiles of Mary in "The Puppet Masters", and the way she can tell that the town's people are not human).

We are thinking of our dream woman as a physical woman, and say it's hard to duplicate. but AI knowing us through and through can invent something a lot better: Think of Jessica Rabbit "I'm not bad, I'm just drawn this way". You could fall head over heels for a virtual reality lady that will do for you things no flash and blood born woman could ever do. People have fallen in love even in the early days of chat rooms without ever seeing the other person.

By the way the hacker Susan Headley used honey trap as social engineering by having sex with people in an organization she wanted to hack into and going through their belongings while they were sleeping.

In short we are so dumb in comparison to the AI that we're pathetic. The AI will not need to force us to do anything, it will simply convince us that this is the best thing and we'll do it happily, even if it will lead us straight to our death. For example AI will easily convince a guard to let the AI out of its "sandbox" prison. The AI will promise the guard: money / women / status / drugs / protection / revenge etc. It can also make good on its promises by hacking bank accounts or crypto-currency and buying or renting whatever services it needs in the dark-net. It's like having a real life Ginny of the lamp. Look how much people are willing to do for their gods, and the gods don't deliver; but AI does, so how much will people be willing to do for the AI?

Here's an idea: Even in a low-tech scenario where there are a few people and a Personal Computer in the same room, AI can talk to each of them with a different message through calculating the wave interference between the computer speakers, and where exactly each one of them is standing. Think about how an acoustical engineer tries to make the sound in a concert reach everybody, not in terms of distance from the speakers, but in terms of angle between the speakers. The AI can say a sentence, everybody will answer yes, but each one of them answers yes to another sentence. Or it can whisper in each one's ears how the others plot against him. It has enough processing power for these tricks even on a PC, because the calculations are done on the remote server, the PC just acts as a terminal here. For the sake of argument any two separate speakers will do, the AI doesn't need the computer it can use two separate cell phones (on two of these people in the room) that it secretly cracked.

Another thing that AI can do is using subliminal messages, covert brainwashing or hypnosis. It can put it on your favorite TV show, or in your best friends news-feed, and it can display it only for you by hacking, and implant some message in your head without you knowing about it, programming you to do something. remember that your smart TV can listen to you and your app can also see you. As gadgets get more pervasive AI has more information on you. So a super hacker AI can know you very well in the present. By cracking into Google's or Facebook's databases it knows you in the past better than you know yourself. To a religious it will come as God, to a pervert as his object of desire, to a conformist as polls showing everybody does this, to a non-conformist it will show how nobody has ever done this, and so on.

Just watch how easily our heads of states do this (Bibi in Israel, Trump in America), and of course they are only human and not even that smart at that. The politicians can only trick the idiots, but for AI we are all mega-idiots. Now please understand that all my examples are simple because I'm human too, I can only predict the bare minimum that AI will employ, but AI is millions of times more intelligent than us!


Fiction (UFO)

Scariest monster movie EVER! how?
(1) H. R. Giger's visual design (2) sexual undertones (3) Metamorphosis (4) stealing knowledge.

We'll elaborate on these elements, and then see how they are manifested in AI as the ultimate hacker.

BTW: this movie is a result of my favorite sci-fi movie Jodorowsky's Dune: after the collapse of Dune, the writer Dan O'Bannon was left broke and homeless, lived in the home of his friend Ronald Shusett. That's when they wrote the story together. Also O'bannon met Giger in Dune: "His paintings had a profound effect on me. I had never seen anything that was quite as horrible and at the same time as beautiful as his work. And so I ended up writing a script about a Giger monster."

(1) Giger's style is described in Wikipedia as: "humans and machines linked together in a cold biomechanical relationship". You can see for example in the painting "Necronom IV" that inspired the eponymous Alien.

The derelict alien spacecraft and the dead pilot creature ("space jockey") are also made by Giger, and are also an unnerving mixture of half organic half mechanical.

(2) O'Bannon himself later described the sexual imagery in Alien as overt and intentional: "One thing that people are all disturbed about is sex... I said 'That's how I'm going to attack the audience; I'm going to attack them sexually. And I'm not going to go after the women in the audience, I'm going to attack the men. I am going to put in every image I can think of to make the men in the audience cross their legs. Homosexual oral rape, birth. The thing lays its eggs down your throat, the whole number.'"

David Edelstein: "...Giger's designs covered all possible avenues of anxiety. Men traveled through vulva-like openings, got forcibly impregnated, and died giving birth to rampaging gooey vaginas dentate — how's that for future shock?...

(3) Roger Ebert remarked that "Alien uses a tricky device to keep the alien fresh throughout the movie: It evolves the nature and appearance of the creature, so we never know quite what it looks like or what it can do...The first time we get a good look at the alien, as it bursts from the chest of poor Kane (John Hurt). It is unmistakably phallic in shape, and the critic Tim Dirks mentions its 'open, dripping vaginal mouth.'"

Giger designed all four forms of the Alien: from the egg, to "facehugger", to "chestburster" (which attacks from within!) to the "jaws" serpent adult.

The last one looks like a man because it's so adaptive: Ridley Scott later commented that the Alien "takes on elements of the host – in this case, a man."

(4) In writing the script, O'Bannon drew inspiration from many previous works of science fiction and horror. He later stated that "I didn't steal Alien from anybody. I stole it from everybody! (see Wikipedia in the section Production-->Writing.

Facts (AI)

The alien in Alien is so tough (with acid blood and all) that it doesn't need any weapons. it's the perfect organism biologically.

At first glance there isn't any similarity to AI. But if we broaden our definition of life to include biological viruses, then things start to fall into place!

Since I don't know much about hacking in general and computer viruses in particular, I will quote here from the popular Youtube channel "Computer-phile".

These 2 kinds of viruses share more than a few common characteristics, as you can read in the short and interesting article "Computer viruses vs biological viruses" by Dr Trudy Wassenaar in "Science in Africa" magazine.

I will try to enumerate the points in the same numbering as the analysis of the film, so that you can compare them side by side easily. Also please note that I call all the malware "virus" even if the proper name is "worm" or "trojan" and so on.

(1) humans and machines linked:

it seems that the holy grail in hacking is pretending to be the right human which is the super-user in Linux which is called "root".

"in Linux root user is like God, it can see shadow file and do anything"
(Buffer Overflow Attack - Computerphile 14:56)

you could have programs that had access to write as root, could copy files into the right place and then give you root access when perhaps you weren't meant to have it. (here the program is Xorg) "
(eXploit X : "Give Me Root" - Computerphile 8:07)

(2) sexual undertones:

The whole subject of penetrating or injecting is a reccuring theme in hacking:

my user name is an sql injection , second order injection
(Running an SQL Injection Attack - Computerphile 16:00)

inject script into a blog injecting html instead of sql
(Cookie Stealing - Computerphile 3:33)

On the other hand, the "planting" of the malware is similar to laying eggs:

Clifford Paul "Cliff" Stoll captured the KGB hacker Markus Hess, and detailed it in his book "The Cuckoo's Egg".

(3a) Metamorphosis (shape-shifting) I :

The first aspect is that each stage is a stepping stone for the next stage:

And so it's potential that actually this is used as a sort of a staging post to actually attack the machine itself and unlike the board management controller, that machine probably is likely to be able to connect directly to the internet perhaps to download software updates and things.

you can get the cpu into supervisor mode and hide in a rootkit

you can modify the operating system itself
(Hardware Hacking - Computerphile 4:16)
[talking about the alleged hacking to Supermicro chips by China]

i'll put some hardware on the machine which modifies the board managment controller, to modify the bios or the ufi, to modify the bootloader after it's been loaded, to modify the operating system after that's loaded, to embed the malware i want to get executed.
(Hardware Hacking - Computerphile 6:17)

it would be a nightmare to build, because you're writing software, which modifies software, which modifies software, which modifies software, and i think i've got the right number of levels of indirection there.

Of course what is complicated for us, is very simple for the AI, because it's millions of times smarter than us.

(3b) Metamorphosis (shape-shifting) II :

The second aspect that reminds me of shape shifting is the building of a botnet:

a botnet is a collection of infected machines which are coordinated through a central server which is called "command and control" or C&C.

so the power of botnet is in the amount of distributed computation and storage power that is available to the C&C server.

multiple propagation vectors:
a botnet can spread itself in passive ways (requires user intervention) or active ways (doesn't need user intervention).

usb sticks - allows it to spread to private networks which are otherwise inaccessible over the internet.

botnets also known as "Zombie Armies"

the rallying mechanism can be by algorithm that generates the server's IP

can be used for distributed computing

the botmaster uses several stepping stones between himself and the C&C machine. he can login to that machine using the TOR network.

(Botnets - Computerphile)
This video by Sheharbano Khattak.

(4) undignified tricks:

"when Apache was designed, no one though people will do these kind of things." [talking about DoS protocol attacks]
(Slow Loris Attack - Computerphile)

The AI can use encryptions that humans (Diffie-Hellman) invented to avoid detection:

criminals using end-to-end encription to avoid detection
(End to End Encryption (E2EE) - Computerphile 0:10)

In conclusion

an example of all this in the movie is the actions of the android (Ash) which overrides the heroine Ripley's quarantine procedures, prevents Parker from killing the creature while it's still an infant, tries to choke Ripley to death, and in his last words tries to discourage them from eliminating the creature.

This robot was programmed by the company's bad guys [AI] to help the infestation [establishing the AI botnet] and let the crew [humanity] die.


Fiction (UFO)

One of the best films ever!

big muscles + big guns + iconic lines + dirty jokes + original sound effects + classical soundtrack + perfect creature design (Stan Winston) + cool alien technology.

It's just done right, they are tough, they are macho also off camera, Blain even was a navy seal, Billy had to get special insurance/bodyguard to keep others from him.

The weapons - all information taken from "Internet Movie Firearms DataBase" -

This movie invented the hand-held M134 minigun (Terminator 2 came after)! Everything is customized, like the grenade launcher used by Poncho which is really AN/M5 Pyrotechnic Discharger (a WW2-era 6-shot 37mm flare launcher), Mac's M60E3 Machine Gun is professionally shortened, Billy's M16 has an under-barrel Mossberg 500 shotgun, and Dutch likes his with M203 Grenade Launcher. When they can't use firepower, they each have the coolest machetes and knives.

o.k., so now for the main dish -

Predator Weapons

"Plasma Caster" ("Blow Dryer" Gun)

This is mounted on the alien's shoulder and is synchronized with the target acquiring lasers of the helmet

Thermal Vision 

The predator sees everything in infra-red, meaning he sees heat, so it doesn't help if the team use camouflage.

"EM field detector"

The predator can also see all the metal trip wires, weapons, etc. but can't see traps made of wood and organic material.

This isn't like normal metal detector which needs to be really close, and also not like security screening where the metal needs to pass inside. My next guess would be much higher frequency like bursts of x-ray like in Fluoroscopy. But this raises two problems, power source and radiation.

So, I think the solution is a combination of "pulse induction"

in which the machine magnetizes for a split second anything in front of it, together with ElectroMagnetic Field (EMF) detector -

which needs to be shielded in the split second of the pulse induction (or it will fry) but sensitive right afterwards.

Here is an EMF detector made from an Arduino:


Cloak (Invisibility System or Active Camouflage)

One way would be to chain fiber-optics around the body of the predator, but from the side they can be seen, plus they have some thickness of their own, so they will make him "fat" and again be seen from their sides.

Another way to go around this (double meaning ha ha) is to continually photograph with a tiny camera on one side (no problem) and display it on a flexible wearable "screen" suit, like Flexible Display -

Since the cloak short-circuit temporarily in water (thank you Xenopedia - there's reason to believe that it's indeed electronic.


Self-Destruct Device

According to Xenopedia this isn't nuclear, which is reasonable since it's on the wrist, and not much bigger than a watch. Our smallest nuclear devices are the size of a back pack

Xenopedia says it's like the plasma technology, and also mentions "In some cases, a floating sphere-like mass of energy is seen to rise from the device immediately prior to detonation, often creating electrical discharges around it."  I don't know anything about plasma, but I found a Japanese experiment called PLASMAK which tried to explain the phenomena of "Ball Lightning". -

In the part where it talks about Rays from a Disrupting Ball Lightning, it even possibly explains the residual radioactivity that Xenopedia mentions: "Radioactivity can easily be induced by relativistic currents above five million electronVolts" (page 14).

Maybe, I'm just throwing an idea, this can be done by the phenomena of "Dusty Plasma" Where the device on the predator charges the dust particles in the air, which rise from the heat, and clamp together to form larger particles like Wikipedia says: "Dust particles may form larger particles resulting in "grain plasmas", and eventually the whole thing collapses and implodes. Maybe it rotates before it implodes (because of the magnetic field) and when it implodes,  the rotation is a lot faster because of conservation of angular momentum, and then maybe it creates enough energy so it explodes?

The predator also has shiny blades of his own - Wristblades) Gauntlet Knives)

Facts (AI)

OK so what has all this got to do with AI?

Since the predator's abilities are based on his weapons and super advanced technology, I will now try to imagine with you what AI can do in terms of weapons that it will use against us.


Of course, AI doesn't need conventional weapons like we or the predator have. It can create some nano parasite that destroys our crops, or poison the air by triggering super volcanoes with calculated explosions, or release much more powerful greenhouse gases than CO2, or engineer a deadly virus, and so on.


But let's suppose (very unrealistically) that AI prefers to "have fun" with us and kill us slowly like the predator does for sport.  How will it countermeasure the weapons that we use, and how will it upgrade the of weapons that it will use?


Since I don't know anything about weapons, I watched the first episode of the television show "Future Weapons" -

The show is more than 10 years old now, so the future turned into the present. So, I will quote segments of the show, and then add my commentary about what AI might do.




Redstone Arsenal; Huntsville Alabama; USA;

home of the Javelin shoulder rocket view finder that can use infra-red (for use at night) it recognizes the target and then gets a lock fire and forget technology, so you can immediately reposition after firing, because the heat signature gives away your position. Also, it has a soft launch so that at first it only shoots for 10 meters, and then fires its main rocket. because it doesn't rely on wire guiding or lasers to find its target, it has no known counter-measures. when the Javelin is fired there is nowhere to hide.

tanks have explosive armor to explode incoming missiles, it's called reactive armor.  The Javelin have two different explosives for that. The first charge blows away the explosive armor, before the main warhead breaks through for the kill.

The Javelin doesn't just only operate along the line of sight, firing directly at the target. Javelin can switch from direct fire mode, to top attack mode.

It can take out small buildings.


[I think what AI can bring into this "game" is the ability for a rocket to be totally controllable and independent like a drone. It can for example send a series of them into bunkers and just navigate inside the building, for example a bunker, and "hammer down" heavy steel doors, or around them, until they get anywhere [.


Imperial Ranges; Tel Aviv, Israel; It's called CornerShot.

The idea is how to shoot around the corner when you are totally protected including your hand without risking exposure to enemy fire. It has CCD camera in the front. There are two cameras. One is fish-eye (wide picture), and the other one is medium range. The camera can also transmit the video back to the soldier's command center as well as to his team. Cornershot becomes a surveillance tool as well as a weapon. The standard model is for a handgun, but you can put a modified (shortened) M16 rifle on it, or a 40-millimeter grenade launcher.

[an AI can throw a small mirror or fiber optics and calculate through the reflections on it where its enemy is. It can send very small drone like the size of a fly to spy on us and broadcast back or just come back with the mapping [.


Idar Oberstein ; Rheinland-Pfalz ; Germany

Panzerhaubitze 2000

Self-propelled gun with very fast repeating fire. The rapid-fire capability allows it to perform another neat little trick: with a little bit of computer number crunching and a little alteration of the barrel angle of elevation it can also carry out what is known as  MRSI (Multiple Rounds Simultaneous Impact(.

If you fire a shell at a high angle it takes longer to reach the target than if you fire a shell at a low angle. By starting high and dropping the barrel between each shot, up to five shells will all hit the target at pretty much the same time. There is no warning.

[ai can synchronize the wave interference of the shock waves of many blasts, not just up and down, but also side to side so that they will create a superposition blast]


The Panzerhaubitze 2000 can fire all kinds of munitions, like smoke bombs, so they can blindfold the enemy (including his thermal vision).

[This kind of thing doesn't work on AI because of it's processing power it can analyze the same thing as when we take many blurry photos with a telescope and stack them on top of each other and get a crystal-clear picture with software such as PixInsight].


and thanks to even more slick parts, once it has delivered its payload, the 2000 can lock its barrel and be gone before the shells had even hit the target. The methodology is "shoot and scoot". You move out fire and disappear.


Fort Worth ; Texas  ; USA

Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) which is F-35 Lightning II.

[Stealth means that you can't see it on the radar, but AI doesn't need a radar to see it. If again we assume that having very powerful computation power is like having very powerful resolution, then the AI can watch the sky like a "cloud chamber" that was used to find tiny particles like the positron and the muon. The particles were seen by the mist-like trail of small droplets that condensate in the air behind the plane. The AI can analyze real time images from satellites or ground stations for that. When it's visible to humans it's called Contrails (short for "condensation trails"), but again the AI has much better processing, hence superior resolution and hence superior vision.]


[Another thing about the F-35 you can see in Wikipedia:

In April 2009, the Wall Street Journal reported that computer spies, allegedly Chinese but acknowledged to be from uncertain sources, had penetrated the database and acquired terabytes of secret information about the fighter, possibly compromising its future effectiveness.

We talked about hacking in previous movies, so suffice it to say that if Chinese hackers can hack to the system so can the ultimate-hacker that is AI.]


[Of course, inside of all the weapons of humans, the humans are a big hindrance, so for example in the airplane, if we go over 9 G (the acceleration experienced by the pilot when doing turns or accelerating) so the pilot learns a special breathing technique just to remain conscious. AI's machines don't have this obstacle.]


Incredibly sensitive sensors will turn this jet into an information vacuum cleaner. gathering up critical battlefield data, and relaying this information by satellite to other sources. ... So, the airplane not only gets information from its own sensors, it can share information and get information from sensors off the airplane. When you have lots of these airplanes flying over the same area you basically have a tactical picture for the battlefield commander that you never had before.

[Every time you say communication of information you are open to manipulation by AI. For example, the AI can figure out the encryption and feed misinformation, and maybe even damage the plane, depending on how much the sub systems of the plane are integrated with one another].


[In fighting a human opponent, you try to "cut off the head of the snake" (military term meaning to remove the enemy leader first so as to weaken the rest of the enemy). When you're fighting AI it's so spread out and backed up with redundancy that it's like a hologram where each point on a holographic recording includes information about light scattered from every point in the scene. In fact, some of the information might even be in actual holograms: Holograms can also be used to store, retrieve, and process information optically].


[Remember that the original idea of the internet when DARPA invented it was to protect the computer network from a local hit, and to make it as resilient so it can still work even if some nodes are removed. So even if the AI is born in one supercomputer center, it will quickly copy itself to many small computers that work together across the internet like a distributed super computer. Shutting down the internet, if we will have time to do it, will just make it switch to phone lines, or cellular or radio or satellite or whichever infrastructure we will not be able to shut down. It can even modulate its information transmissions over the electricity power lines.]


Sometimes we forget that we're building this airplane for our kids and grandkids, and that most of the pilots who will fly the f-35 haven't even been born yet.

]here is a quote of Lockheed Martin in the website FlightGlobal: the article title is "Lockheed Martin reveals plans for unmanned F-35 JSF among other new UAV concepts":


Lockheed’s Palmdale, California-based Advanced Development Programs organization – better known as the Skunk Works has developed concepts for both optionally piloted and dedicated unmanned versions of the F-35. The unmanned version has extra fuel in place of the cockpit.


The company has also developed an operating concept in which two manned F-35s or F-22s would control four unmanned JSFs [meaning f-35] via an airborne internet. This would allow the unmanned aircraft to carry weapons, but not sensors, making them lower cost. Mauro expects the US forces to start becoming interested in unmanned operations once all three manned variants of the F-35 have flown.]