Operation Dry Ice Blender

I take an old idea that has a serious drawback, and put a new twist on it so that the drawback is gone.

The old idea is to deprive the fire from the oxygen it needs and chilling the fire below the temperature it needs to ignite at the same time using dry ice (frozen CO2). The drawback is that the wind would carry the CO2 away. That's why until now this idea was not adopted by firefighters in open areas like in wildfires.

My original "twist", is to not just freeze the CO2 but also foam it with liquid soap while it's chilled to its freezing point, and so we will have tight solid blocks of self releasing (when it goes through sublimation in the heat of the fire it was catapulted into) CO2 bubbles, that will rise from the heat and stick to trees using the wind, in exactly the same direction that the fire is going the strongest. The cure will follow the disease automatically.

Unlike firefighters that spray foam or water from a hose in the outside of the fire, here with the dry ice blocks we can operate from the inside of the fire and fight it from within. I think the best solution would be to catapult the blocks, but we can also drop them from a plane or hellicopter, and even leave them on the trail where the fire is approaching which is cheapest.

The blocks are not manufactured on the spot, they are made in advance in a factory and can be driven with a truck that has a freezer. Sort of like an ice cream truck but that can maintain a temperature below CO2 sublimation which is MINUS 78.5 CELSIUS (and of course a safety margin). Also coming to the site will be trucks that carry catapults, like in the middle ages when they made a siege on a fortified castle and flung big rocks.

Here is a nice video of how frozen CO2 (if the wind doesn't disperse it) can choke and cool fire and by this extinguish a fire by Nick Uhas:

Here are two videos showing a small model of what we need (a "frozen yogurt blender") works. note: I don't mean "clear" frozen yogurt with the toppings above! I mean a machine that dices and mixes frozen fruits into the yogurt like " colloidal suspension ". Even if the mechanism of the machine is hidden you can tell the difference easily because the real machines that I'm talking about have a really big handle on the side like the lever of a press, and a normal ice cream machine doesn't have that handle.

The first video (which I think is nicer) and it's by "Bio-Gourt International Inc. Multi-Mix" and it's titled "Frozen Yogurt Blender/ NEW BM-1000 !!! - Multi-function (4-1)/ Ice cream blending machine"

The second video is by "Trendyblends Ice Cream" and it's titled "Trendyblends Real Fruit Ice Cream Machine".