Magnetic Turbulence

what kind of phenomena can we see in 3-D that we can't see in 2-D (in context of magnetism and/or turbulence) ?

An analogy for the fourth dimension

We'll start from the analogy:

Planet Earth is a 3-D ball, but let's assume that we are seeing only the phenomena in 2-D on its surface - the surface area of the sea.

If there is a wave we see that the wave is progressing forwards and backwards and sideways, in circles that grow larger and larger outwards.

So to see and understand a wave we don't need to understand 3-D. What do to understand 3-D for? For eddies (eddy, whirlpool, vortex). An eddy is in direction perpendicular to the surface.

If someone only understands 2-D, he will see that the eddy has waves that begin to go in a circle and then "disappear" which is of course going downwards (in 3-D terms).

And from the analogy to our subject:

In the same way, according to my assumption, turbulence is a 4-D eddy, so we can't understand it using only 3-D.

please note: by saying 4-D I mean fourth spatial dimension; I don't mean time! If you count time as the fourth dimension, then wherever I write 4-D (fourth dimension) please read it as 5-D (fifth dimension).

We know from Poincare's conjecture that the universe has 4 dimensions and we are on the 3-D surface of a 4-D ball. This was proved mathematically by the genius Grigori Perelman in the years 2002-2003.

How can this be true, if we don't see matter appearing or disappearing (like the water that "disappear" below the surface of the sea when they go down in the eddy)?

My answer to this is that ordinary matter can not get inside the fourth dimension, I'll explain why soon (it has to do with the electrical charge of our particles), but energy can enter, when it is in the form of magnetic energy.

Why am I saying this? What is so special in magnetic energy?

Look at the other forms of energy: Gravitational field - starts at a certain point, and works in all directions to infinity; Electric field (there are two kinds plus and minus, but each of them) -starts at a certain point and works in all directions until infinity.

On the other hand the magnetic field starts with a plus and attached to it there is always a minus (which doesn't happen in the other types of energy). So our intuition tells us that if these two opposing poles of the magnet are always right next to each other, then most of the energy is wasted inside the magnet going from plus to minus inside of the magnet (where it is closest). But we know that the magnet doesn't get warm or anything. This means that our intuition isn't worth anything here, because we are used to 3-D. What happens in 4-D?

Let's return to the analogy:

Let's say we have an eddy in the water. What do we know from experience happens above the water (remember up is already in one more dimension than the 2-D surface of the water)? What happens is a matching and flipped eddy of the air, I'm saying flipped because the air is not sucked into the sea (otherwise there would be a lot of bubbles) but is instead going up away from the water level. A creature that understands only the 2-D of the water surface cannot predict and understand the air eddy (cyclone storm) at all and it's mutual effect on the water, because it only focuses on looking at the water's surface.

please note: I know that in a real cyclone storm the rotation of the air is the cause of the rotation of the water which is the result, and not the other way around, but it's easier for me to explain the metaphor this way.

Now back from the analogy to the subject:

Let's assume that the magnetic energy doesn't just go from plus to minus inside the magnet, but instead when we are creating a magnet in our 3-D world, then an opposite magnet is automatically created in the fourth dimension (like the eddy in the air).

The magnet in the fourth dimension is not directly "above" or "below" (ana and kata as Charles Howard Hinton said) in 4-D, but because of symmetry considerations it's spread around it in the fourth dimension. It's like when somebody is (heaven forbid) electrifies himself from the electric socket. He doesn't have to touch both the plus and the minus of the socket in the wall, but it's enough to touch one of them and the Earth which is a "universal reserve" of electric charge, being that it's the biggest body we have. So Earth can give and receive as many electrons as "needed" and it completes the electrification.

So in our world the positive pole of the magnet throws energy into the fourth dimension, and the magnetic energy goes in the fourth dimension to infinity (not to the negative pole next to it).

Back to the analogy:

It's like a buoy that oscillates (sway) a little up and down on the water, and so it creates ripples (waves) that spread around it to all sides on the surface of the water forever.

Back from the analogy to the subject:

In the same way the negative pole of the magnet gets energy from the infinity of the 4th dimension, and not from the positive pole that is right next to it.

Back to the analogy:

It's like a surface that was at first static on the water surface, but now because of the waves coming to it from different directions it's starting to oscillate (sway) up and down.

OK so so far we only created a much more complicated model than what we have today, and we haven't explained anything extra so that the price of the added complication will give us some profit and will pay off.

Let's think about the connection between electricity and magnetism. We know that when we move an electrical charge inside a conductor (wire) we get a magnetic field. On the other hand, when we move a conductor (wire) inside a magnetic field the magnetic charges inside the conductor move. But why is it so?

It's similar to the buoy that we talked about. If the electric particles are the buoy, and the magnetic energy is the sea waves, we understand why a movement up and down (in the extra dimension) is creating a dimension in 2-D and vice versa, why a movement in 2-D is creating a movement of the buoy - so with an extra dimension we explained the connection between electricity and magnetism!

Electromagnetic waves (radio waves)

Now let's think about electromagnetic waves (radio transmission for example). When we move the electricity particles inside the conductor back and forth fast (the wire becomes an antenna) the direction of the magnetic field doesn't have enough time to turn over and radio waves are created.

In the opposite direction, when radio waves reach another conductor (another antenna) they move the electric particles inside that conductor back and forth and we can listen to what was broadcasted for us.

What is the analogy of radio waves in our marine metaphor?

In the common explanation the radio waves movement are similar to the following air and water movement:

suppose there is water in the direction from north to south over a lake; what will happen to the water? the water will form waves which also move from north to south. now as a result of the flowing of water from north to south, a little water which had no time to move are pushed to the sides, towards east and towards west. What is this small amount of water movement causing? A little movement of air above them, also in the direction to the east and to the west. The little movements eastwards and westwards, will create even smaller movements north and south of their own, and so on, length and breadth, the air and water effect one another, each time in 90 degree angle to the original movement.

We know that the electrical and magnetic field that alternately create each other in radio transmissions are also perpendicular to each other.

As we understand the metaphor, this mechanism loses energy (decays) very fast, and becomes smaller and smaller movements.
Let's think of another mechanism for radio transmission.

Suppose we have an eddy (swirl) in the air, that creates an eddy (swirl) in the water. Let's say we have another eddy in the air created not far away from there, which rotates in the opposite direction, and that neighbor air eddy also creates an eddy in the water - a neighbor eddy water in that opposite direction. Let's say the first pair of "air and water" eddies rotates clockwise, and the second pair of eddies "air and water" are rotating counter-clockwise. If the two eddies in the water come close to one another, they can connect.

You can try this with the palms of your two hands. Hold your hands a little bent in front of your chest, with the palms facing downwards. now rotate your palms in circles, as if you are a DJ (Disc Jockey), one hand in one direction (let's say your right hand clockwise) and the other hand in the opposite direction (let's say your left hand in counter clockwise direction). Your two palms are the two eddies inside the water. now continue to rotate your hands, and at the same time, slowly turn them towards each other (as if you want to clap your hands). So you will see that the eddies support each other and strengthen each other.

If the air neighboring air eddies connect between the same pairs that were connected in the water, then we didn't do anything, we just formed a ring. So if we have a lot of these they're just a lot of separate rings. But what if the pairs of air eddies and water eddies connect alternately? Then it looks like a needle that pulled a thread in "warp and weft" form, one time above the fabric and the next time below the fabric, and the thread is continues, which means the eddy continues and supports itself from end all the way to the other end which can be very far.

So I think this kind of mechanism is much more stable, and this creates radio broadcasts. The fields are not perpendicular to one another in 3-D but in 4-D.

Why don't we see continues storms like these in the ocean that look like a snake that goes above and below the water back and forth?

Because they will suck energy from one another, because there is not enough separation between them. Before you turn your palms towards one another like you want to clap, if the hands of the DJ are rotating each one on another record, one hand clockwise and the other hand counter-clockwise, the air or the water between the hands will not know where to go, and so the hands will disturb one another.

As opposed to this, the fourth dimension is creating the necessary separation so that the hands will not interrupt one another. The electrical charge can't pass (I will soon explain why, because of the random movement of the electron which is a result of the "Heisenberg's uncertainty principle") the barrier to the fourth dimension, but the magnetic force of the "mirror world" does work in the forth dimension, and what goes back and forth is in fact a sea eddy (magnetic force of 3-D) into an air eddy (magnetic force of the "mirror" 4-D). When there is no movement of the buoy (electrical charge) unless we run into a buoy again (the next antenna).

This also explains why we can transmit radio waves in vacuum, because there is no need in electrical particles. The current (the one we use now) theory doesn't explain this, because even if we created a magnetic field, how do we (further down the road) create an electric field if we don't have electrical particles?

OK so this by now is a decent profit that we get from the new theory, we explained the connection between electricity and magnetism using the fourth dimension, and we explained radio waves using the fourth dimension.

Now let's explain something a lot cooler which is turbulence.

First of all we notice that energy lines are clean and smooth, except in situations of chaos like the "three body problem" which we might explain later. But normally they are clean and smooth, and turbulence is created where there is matter like in a river flowing (water particles) or in air flow (air particles).

So now with the new theory we understand that turbulence doesn't happens with just any matter particles, but with the ones who have within them electrical charges. The electrical charges are balanced, because within each atom or molecule there is already electrical balance between protons and electrons, but it is important that the atoms or molecules have within them electrical sub-particles.

So how is turbulence created?

We are going back to our marine metaphor:

Let's say we have a smooth (laminar) flow of water. but the water particles have a tiny random motion because of the uncertainty principle. Otherwise we would know exactly where they are. So we can compare this to small fish that swim with the water, but also flipping their fins and create random waves in different directions. If only the water world existed, then even if the effect of the small fish would combine initially ti the beginning of a small eddy, this eddy would soon grow weak, because there isn't anything that will hold and sustain this random effect of the little fish.

But now the fourth dimension comes into play. Remember that when there is an eddy inside the water, there is a parallel eddy in the air (the forth dimension) and there it has a certain persistence of its own. So in time there form in the smooth current tiny eddies that last longer than a split second. Some of them last long enough to join between them into bigger eddies. This is what we see in turbulence.

In my opinion if we will make a fllow of particles that don't have within them the little fish, meaning that they don't have electrical charge inside them, like neutrons, then we will see that their flow isn't causing turbulence. This will be the parallel of the super conductor of electrical energy, but here it's mechanical energy.

This is unfortunately only theoretical because outside the nucleus, the neutron decays in beta decay and becomes a proton, an electron, and an anti-neutrino.

But maybe there is a kind of particle which is neutral and doesn't disintegrate, and then we can use it as the perfect hydraulic liquid that can operate a "hydraulic press" without any resistance of its own, or the perfect pneumatic gas that can pass huge distances for example in a "pneumatic tube".

What is even cooler is that in my opinion these materials, which don't have electrical inner parts that move (right, inside the neutron lie "hidden" the proton and the electron, but they don't move when they are inside the neutron), so they as oppose to us can enter the fourth dimension even though they are matter!

So why don't we see neutrons when they disappear into the fourth dimension, and we don't see neutrons appearing out of the blue (out of thin air), from the fourth dimension?

Well guess what? We do see such a thing!

neutron lifetime puzzle

There is something called the "neutron lifetime puzzle" (or "neutron half-life discrepancy") which says that the life expectancy of the neutron is different in 8 seconds, depending on how you measure it. My guess is that one of the methods create a disturbance in the passage to the fourth dimension, and this is where the difference comes from.

When you put neutrons in a bottle and count them, neutrons live 14:39 minutes. When they pass in a ray tube (probably something like a Crookes tube) they live 14:48 minutes, which means 8 seconds longer.

So I think what happens is that the electrical voltage inside the tube effect how much the neutrons can pass to and from the fourth dimension. In the metaphor this can be for example like the temperature of the water affects the chance that a cyclone storm will happen. So if someone is limited to the surface of the water, it will appear to him that there is more water when there is no storm, because he doesn't see the water spray in the air. So if we have voltage in the ray tube, fewer neutrons can get lost to the fourth dimension, so we have more neutrons. So the scientists think that the neutrons live for a longer time. Because they exist in our 3-D more.

what does the fourth dimension look like?

So we'll finish with thinking what does the fourth dimension look like?

At the very least there is a magnetosphere of a lot things that we have here in 3-D :

But at the very most, there are things there like "neutron stars" or if these don't last long enough then "neutrino stars" (or other particles which are neutral and more stable) and maybe even living creatures that live there and are made of the same material!