i beg your pardon i never promised you a rose garden!

i decided to start an organic garden by trying to grow at home the organic fruits and vegetables that i buy in the supermarket! :mrgreen: in this times of Corona Virus i’m hoping also the garden will provide my family (me and my parents) fresh fruits and vegetables if we can’t get them on the store. Unfortunately now it looks like there will be a lockdown soon (everybody will have to stay in their homes). This means that i will stay with my parents, at their apartment, and i will not be able to come to my apartment and water the plants. so although i got the pots and earth and also the fruits and vegetables i’m not sure if i should begin yet. The plants as you can see in the picture will be in my balcony which is closed, so there is no rain or any irrigation. Perhaps i will just start with some of them. anyway i wish myself GOOD LUCK in this new adventure! 😎

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