Destiny in Time (DIT)

Sadly I don't know how to write a scientific paper, so in order to reach the public I'm planning on writing a science fiction book about my cosmology ideas.

It seems every possible cool sounding combination with the word "time" is already taken. Currently I'm planning to call it "Destiny in Time"

Since in any case it's science fiction, I'm free to further develop my idea into the realms of the speculative.

So from this point forth, I'm writing about things from my imagination, although I hope they too describe reality that is simply unfamiliar to us yet.

Ideas for my Sci-Fi book

Swarmers - creatures that are made up of ant like tiny creatures, and can take any shape, like the liquid metal robot in terminator 2.

they can always dodge fire bullets by forming a hole through themselves, so the usual way to kill them is simultanious fire from multiple angels which is hard to coordinate.

but at the end the hero improvises a device that is like double pendoulum but swinging in 3-d

(like "bolas" but rotates in 3-d) with its edges are on fire and so it's hard for them to predict where it will be and they catch fire and burn.

our civilization is based on heat, so their civilization can be based on coldness. you can power a striling engine on ice.

So instead of the chemical burning (heat) and the nuclear splitting (heat) that we rely on,

they use reactions from here:

if the planet is very cold all the time, they can learn to create superconductors from ice, if they found a way to control ice on the molecular level

(like diamond, coal, and graphite are all carbon but different molecular arrangement).

Maybe they found a way to form like carbon nano tubes, but made of water's ice.

They can make a weapon that implodes (instead of explodes) - blowing up metal dust and then activating this supermagnet for an instant.

The sharpanel will tear through anything between the dust and the magnet.

In another planet the population can pave metal roads and glide over with with a hovercraft that has super conducting material magnets.

Evolution - our evolution developed for "dog eat dog", so perhaps in their evolution creatures developed to cooperate

like the cartoon of the huge fish made of lots of small fish that unite against a big fish.

so in their evolution this led to helping each other and functioning like when the transformers unite into a bigger robot, but with animals.

this cooperation can be also between species so they form an inter dependent and cooperating (instead of competing) eco-system that can heal itself. (one part helps another).

There are no predators and even no herbivors, just creatures that produce energy, and creatures who consume it (and make other positive functions in the society).

With people for example, if the regular people (which are the majority) unite and stand up for each other, they can easily kill the criminals (the parasites/predators).

So maybe in that world something like this happened because they have more solidarity.

Maybe there is a mathematical constant of ratio of solidarity (and courage of the simple people) that above it, competing evolution turns to cooperating evolution.

The economics of such a society needs to be different also.

If someone accumulates wealth it hurts the others by definition, so he is killed and his bad genes don't propegate,

and his material property is distributed among the population.

They don't need police force because they unite against any enemy or parasite.

Who makes the decisions? they have a drug like ayawaska that makes you feel the other's pain.

this way no one can make a decision that unjustifyably hurts the others. (they will always minimize the suffering of the group).

There is this saying by the environmental activist Wendell Berry:

"a man who knows that the world is not given by his fathers, but borrowed from his children"

from his book "The Unforeseen Wilderness: An Essay on Kentucky’s Red River Gorge".

So their whole economy can be based on this phrase.

In our society we externalize all the costs and ruin the environment. We just care for short term profits for the shareholders.

In this alien society they internalize all the costs including suffering and pain for others.

This is done by not having any "limited liability" coorporations. If a person caused harm to the environment of others he is responsible for it and has to suffer.

This suffering is inflicted directly by the people who were the victims or their relatives through the pain sharing of the drug.

If he hurt a lot of people, he will die from the pain.

What happens if he hurt someone that has no relatives and can't be "avenged"?

This is considered the highest form of cruelty, and it is punished by the rage of the citizens. (again drug etc).

So how do large projects take place? by direct large partnerships that accept the responsibility and divide it equally between the partners.

Their business plans focus on how they protect the environment first, and only then on the new project they offer.

Also like there is full disclosure (which in our society is false accountant trick),

in their society partners go through a process of "thoughts sharing" so it creates an intimate bond plus you cannot lie.

Another planet can be a place where they solve problems through telepathy - everything is "on the table".

Everyone in the population knows what any other member is thinking so you have no privacy, but also you have no lies, so no malice or at least your malice thoughts are public.

This causes the society to become good and cooperative and fair.

Since one mind cannot process many minds at once, you can only focus on one mind each time like trapping in FM.

normally they set themselves to "read-only" but if they want to get intimate with their loved one they can switch to "read-write"

so they have a nice feedback between them that they consider pleasurable.

Who rules this society? Especially with the fact that they rotate between themselves randomally?

How do they do complicated things, that require life long knowledge and experience? and how to they avoid "brownian motion" of their leadership?

One person is better in one thing, and another person is better in something else.

They switch positions often by a random algorithm so a person can't "count" on always being in the upper class, because tomorrow he's in the low class. So he cares about all classes.

In another planet the children are conditioned from birth to tell only the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

This is done by a constructed course since birth that includes electrical shocks to the brain every time you lie as a child, until you are irreversibly imprinted.

This leads to the death of "PR" and brings a society where people are apprecciated for their real skills. a meritocracy.

The planet where they switch positions/classes once in a while is like the solution of "divide and choose" to the cake cutting problem.

For example: Let's say someone wants to keep power by creating a strong secret police - but he knows that soon it will not serve him but his rival - so he doesn't create that police.

Another planet may create a whole knowing computer that will judge between them based on fair algorithms.

For this the computer needs to be like an all seeing God (otherwise it's dependend on the interpreter/censor).

By the end of this story the society is addicted to an advanced type of computer generated trance music that puts people in serene oblivious state without harming them.

It preoccupies the mind with the multitude layers of the music so the brain has no "processing power" to think of bad things.

This is like my version of the ancient greek mythology Lotus-Eaters.

Another planet can create infinite supply of everything, like the replicator in Star-Trek.

In order for people not to feel envy about the women of others or status of others they can use simulations like the Holo-Deck in Star-trek.

But even if everybody is married to their dream fem-bot and raising together their perfect designer baby,

People will find a reason to fight with each other.

People want to win the hirarchy race and then lead in it by not only accumulating more for themselves, but making sure the others have nothing.

So later that planet decided to sterile the "craving" part of the brain - to re-program people to only eat as much as they need, etc.

This brings peace and harmony but in the cost of a more sterile society which doesn't chase the ego but also doesn't reach great achievements.


We invented the wheel and the piston.

So our transportation technology is circular (wheel) and and the force is produced in linear motion (piston)

What if in another place it's reversed?

Their transportation technology is linear (it doesn't have to be legs, it can be like a snake (Undulatory locomotion) but speeded up which scientists try to make for robots.

Their force will be from circular motion (Lorentz force in magnetic field).

The translation between them can be with "Tusi couple" that will function instead of piston.