Brainyland is a virtual theme park for your brain, covering areas where you have to think (don't worry - it's fun!)
Brainyland is unique in 3 ways:

Mnemonic (Memory Device)

In Disney theme parks there are different "lands", i.e.: Fantasyland (fairy tales), Frontierland (wild west), Tomorrowland (space), etc.
Here in Brainyland the content is divided into real continents, like: science and technology with America, nature and wildlife with Africa, classical music with Europe, and so on.
Inside each continent it's subdivided further into real countries, for example: physics with the eskimos.

File Sharing

The young generation is downloading movies and series all day long. Why not use this tool for educational programs? This is exactly what MVGroup does.
Here in Brainyland we take these wonderful educational programs and build "study pack" around them, with computerized quiz, home experiments, etc.

Neo Luddism

The smartest people today like Stephen Hawking, Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Bill Joy, Hugo de Garis (and dozens of other experts), say that Artificial Intelligence (AI) will probably cause human extinction.
Why do I explain this to teenagers? I'll explain by example: In the sixties, everybody in Israel were picking wild flowers, and the flowers came close to extinction.
Then Israel started a campaign in the kindergartens and schools "get on trip but do not reap". Children teached their parents and the flowers were saved!

THANK YOU VERY MUCH to these gifted artists from IconArchive for their beautiful icons:

Martha Royer (white polar teddy bear),
Pino (Mickey Mouse),
Calle (Inuit igloo),
Fatcow Web Hosting (pirate flag + blackboard steps),
Jeanette Foshee (Bart Terminator),
Iconfactory (A rose for K),
M. Kelleigh (white house).

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