Blast Wave Lens

We know exactly where the mega tsunami is coming from and where it is going to hit.

(1) Harrison Lake (British Columbia Mount Breakenridge --> British Columbia Harrison Hot Springs)
(2) Atlantic Ocean (Canary Islands --> New York, Miami)
(3) Pacific Ocean (Hawaii --> Los Angeles)
(4) Cape Verde Islands

Fearing the future - Mega Tsunami - BBC by  BBC Studios

With pyroclastic flow it's the same, we know certain places are in the crosshairs, positioned near a vulcano that is like a ticking time bomb.

For example this is what happened in 1883 in the eruption of Krakatoa.
The pyroclastic flow traveled on the indian ocean water and hit southern Sumatra (Indonesia).

Pyroclastic flows: The secret of their deadly speed by Nature


my solution is based on wave interference.

during the first stage we use constructive interference (waves in phase). during the second stage we use destructive interference (waves 180° out of phase).

in all the following illustrations we are looking at the the Atlantic Ocean from above (a bird's eye view), we have New York on the left (in the hour 9 o'clock on our imaginary Omega watch), and we have the Canary Islands on the right (in the hour 3 o'clock on our imaginary Omega watch). The original tsunami wave starts from the right and goes to the left.


we place bombs (possibly even small atomic bombs) in the ocean ahead of time (long time before the tsunami),

in a safe distance from the coast of New York. these bombs are positioned in a semi-circle like a focusing lens.


the bombs are detonated by remote control all in the same time, so that they each create a blast wave.


each bomb's blast wave propagates in all directions, but when this blast wave from one bomb meets the blast wave from another bomb, there is a constructive interference happening, and together all the blasts create one unified "artificial anti-tsunami-wave" that goes from left to right.

in the opposite direction, which means towards New York, the waves disperse because the lens arrangement makes the "point of convergence" or "focal point" towards the right. at the same time towards the left the waves are DE-concentrated and diluted.

notice also that there is no sense in placing bombs in 12 o'clock and 6 o'clock because they don't contribute to the desired left-to-right movement of the artificial wave (plus they will just cancel each other).


now here is the tricky part:


if we get it right they cancel each other and New York is saved.

if we get it wrong they amplify each other and we get a tsunami that's twice as big as the original and it will destroy New York!

i don't know how to create an out of phase wave, but i guess it requires two artificial waves. the first artificial wave like we just described, and the second artificial wave a short distance from the first along the same line of propagation. we don't have to create them simultaneously; we can set up two sets of semi-circle-bombs in large distance along the same line, in the beginning we detonate the first set of bombs, and when the first artificial wave passes by the second set of bombs, we detonate the second set of bombs in the correct timing.

another possible way is to push water downwards like a big blast near the surface of the water (and of course a safe distance from the city). i'm sure experts in wave mechanics can calculate these things.


if indeed experts can calculate these things, then we can even use a recursive solution. if we call this whole system i described above in some name, let's say Omega, then we can make an "Omega of Omegas": imagine small Omegas positioned in a semi-circle, so together they create a huge Omega. this allows us to use many small bombs (in all the small Omegas) instead of a few big bombs (in one Omega like i described at first).